'The Walking Dead: World Beyond': New trailer teases a dangerous quest by teenagers and the return of CRM

'The Walking Dead: World Beyond': New trailer teases a dangerous quest by teenagers and the return of CRM

A new trailer for 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' limited event series dropped during AMC's 'Talking Dead', which airs after every episode of 'The Walking Dead'. The minute-long clip introduces a new cast of characters with a unique perspective on the world of the show.

The new series will focus on people who grew up after the apocalyptic outbreak that turned the majority of the world's population into zombies. These children don't remember much of the world before the end but that just means they are better suited than anyone to save the world. 

The trailer, which you can check out here, shows the new heroes Hope (Alexa Mansour), Iris (Aliyah Royale), Elton (Nicolas Cantu) and Silas (Hal Cumpston) embarking on a dangerous trip across the country to rescue the girls' father, Leo Bennett (Joe Holt). According to Comicbook, Bennett was described in early casting details as "a solid family man and respected professor with a generous heart and unwavering optimism for the future".


There is also a tease of CRM, the mysterious organization that whisked Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) away from 'The Walking Dead' and set up the upcoming movies. We don't know what role the organization plays on the show but based on how these things usually go, they are bound to have some nefarious agendas of their own. 

"What I love about World Beyond is that it starts with a younger group and people who were really young when this all started," Julia Ormond, who plays community leader Elizabeth, told the AMC Blog in December. "For them, it's like 'OK, boomers. You guys messed up. It's up to us to save the world.' It’s definitely got that vibe."

"In World Beyond, the character I’m playing is a leader of a formidable society. It’s an extension of the other worlds we’ve seen, but she’s another kind of community leader,” Ormond said, explaining her role further. "I went into an actor panic because there have been so many great leadership roles. Andrew Lincoln, Lennie James… just such strong characters that have lent different sides of what my responsibility is."


'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' will air on AMC on April 12.

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