The Walking Dead casts 'Sons of Anarchy' fan favorite Ryan Hurst as Beta Whisperer for ninth season

The character of Beta will be second in the line of command amongst the Whisperers, after Samantha Morton's Alpha - who is the leader of the rebel group.

                            The Walking Dead casts 'Sons of Anarchy' fan favorite Ryan Hurst as Beta Whisperer for ninth season

'The Walking Dead' is about to return with its ninth season soon and in recent developments related to the season, the show has reportedly added another whisperer to the upcoming season, in the form of Ryan Hurst. The 'Sons of Anarchy' alum and 'Remember the Titans' star is going to be a recurring guest actor on the show, playing the role of the Beta, as confirmed by AMC.

The Wrap reported AMC's announcement on Monday, and shared that "Beta is second-in-command to Samantha Morton’s Alpha, the leader of The Whisperers, a group that arrives in the comic books after the All Out War storyline to antagonize Rick Grimes and company."

But Hurst isn't the only one joining the cast of the long-running zombie-apocalypse drama, as he will be joined by Morton and Cassady McClincy, who is expected to play the Alpha’s daughter Lydia. It has also been reported that Nada Hilker of The 100 is going to play the role of Magna - the leader of a new group arriving next season. Several comic book characters of the show, like Connie and Yumiko - played by Broadway actress Lauren Ridloff and 'Wonder Woman' actress Eleanor Matsuura, respectively - are also going to be seen on screen this time.

Starring as Opie from 2008 to 2012 on FX’s popular 'Sons of Anarchy,' Hurst has also recently been cast in the fifth season of the Amazon series, 'Bosch'. His earlier performances include playing the role of Gerry Bertier opposite Denzel Washington in the feature film 'Remember the Titans.' But fans might have some difficulty registering him in the role since he has let his hair significantly grow since then.

But it can only be anything but exciting to see him as the Beta on 'The Walking Dead' - especially since fans and followers of the show are still mourning losing their favourite lead, Rick Grimes aka Andrew Lincoln, who departed the show after his character's very successful first eight seasons along the road. 

Speaking about his sudden departure from the show, Lincoln told Entertainment Weekly: "I have two young children, and I live in a different country and they become less portable as they get older. It was that simple. It was time for me to come home.” And that is fair enough, considering he had to spend pretty much half of every year in the US for the series since it first aired back in 2010.

But worry not, everything in the hierarchical order has been restored as replacing the lead will be Norman Reedus' character Darryl, who will head the show on from its ninth season. The show is set to return sometime this October.