'The Walking Dead': How the hit show went from brutal badassery to a bunch of emotional whingers

We've long said goodbye to so many of the show's veterans, some of who's endings were so brutal and now we see them moping and getting friendly with the rivals?

                            'The Walking Dead': How the hit show went from brutal badassery to a bunch of emotional whingers
Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus (AMC)

As AMC‘s zombie apocalypse drama, 'The Walking Dead' is now in its tenth season (it has already been renewed for an eleventh season), we can't help but miss the badassery that drew us to the show when it first aired. It used to be a show that threw moral grounds out the window and although fantastical, our deranged minds were drawn to the possibility of how the world would be, should an apocalypse hit us.

Besides the usual resource gathering and finding a safe place to live amidst zombies wanting to feed on fresh blood, the show gave us an insight into the minds of people as to how they react to the flight or fight mode - kill or be killed. The dark and brutal drudgery of each of the original cast members had us wanting to tune in every week. However, things are sadly not the same now.

Although the series, in its latest seasons, has introduced more amoral characters from the original comic series, but they seem much more emotional than badass, trying to battle through the apocalypse. As much as we miss Glenn, Negan bashing his head with Lucille brought into perspective a severe deformity that would be a human's mind during a crisis that seemed to be staying for eternity. The characters now seem to sit down and spew their feelings out a lot more often with a little less fear and more tears.

'The Walking Dead' (AMC)

For a decade, we watched our favorite OG Sheriff, Rick Grimes and his crew of survivors come into a world of zombie hordes that they named "walkers." While emotions were never missing with the original characters - we all know who fathered baby Judith Grimes - the series was not as emotionally charged as it is now. It feels as though they've moved away from the character's lack of moral respect, and started to focus on how the world has taken a toll on their mental health calling for scenes that even had enemies Daryl and Negan bonding.

During the first few seasons, we saw rivals step up to out the OG clan, and while they were defeated, those scenes gave us slight heart attacks. We all remember how Hershel Greene died but you have to admit that through the tears, you cheered for the character's range that embodied the Governer's character. Presently, we've long said goodbye to so many of the show's veterans, some of who's endings were really brutal yet somehow emphasized upon the suspense and fear of that world. Let's talk about a few of the OGs!

Daryl Dixon, a character that isn't in the comic series, had easily become a fan favorite for his archery and well, good looks. It got to the point where fans said that if he leaves the show, they will riot - and we agree. But our motorcycle-riding and crossbow-wielding long-haired love went from wanting to help Maggie execute Negan for the murders of Glenn and Abraham, to sitting on a rock discussing Negan's feelings in Season 10,  after Negan delivered Alphas' head to Carol.

The unlikely pair, and possibly the most vicious at one point, now seem quite pally with each other. Some may refer to this as character growth, but we feel a tad bit ripped off. Daryl should have had Neegan's head!

'The Walking Dead' (AMC)

Next, we have, Carol Peletier, who took character growth to a whole new level. She went from a timid abused wife to a ruthless fiery woman that had her blow up compounds saving Rick's neck - quite literally - threatening children and simply becoming cold-blooded. Now, as most people are trying to figure out if Carol and Daryl will become a thing, we're more focused on how she's now completely controlled by her thoughts and feelings, reaching a weird place of acceptance of her insanity as she has Alpha's ghost haunting her. She too, could have had Negans head.

It is not to say though that these emotions have completely taken over because it seems as though these OG characters are still driving the show, with most still watching because some of them are still alive. Even with the introduction of Alpha, the series' latest dead rival, we're still sad to see that the OG characters are losing their savagery. But, we do have Beta now and well, he might be crazier than Alpha, and so, we wait for the Whisperer War, but can someone just kill Negan already?

We, the original show lovers, seek justice.

'The Walking Dead' (AMC)

Also, Michonne followed her heart and went to go find Rick which is great and all, but we all know we needed her to have left the show the way she came in - two dead walkers in tow. And while that was hinted, she left on a note of helping two people, that possibly belong to the commonwealth.

In the most recent episode, we saw the introduction of Juanita 'Princess' Sanchez, with a machine gun and pink coat. We can only hope that her demeanor although light, may turn grimy. We need rivals like the Governor again and need less of feelings and more savagery. We can't help but think that emotions should take a back seat in an apocalyptic world and with Rick and Michonne gone, we need the OG characters to step up their amoral brutality because if we lose another OG to emotion, we might lose it.

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