'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Episode 10: Beta's 'Halloween-esque' rampage in 'Stalker' is a huge hit with fans

'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Episode 10: Beta's 'Halloween-esque' rampage in 'Stalker' is a huge hit with fans
Ryan Hurst (AMC)

Spoiler alert for 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Episode 10 'Stalker'

Another episode of 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 is here and it's one for the ages. Fans loved Episode 10 'Stalker' and many are calling it the best episode of the season so far. 

With more horror elements than 'The Walking Dead' has managed to conjure up in a while, 'Stalker' was a genuine treat for longtime fans of the show and quite a few of them have taken to Twitter to discuss the episode. A number of fans were particularly impressed with the scenes involving Beta (Ryan Hurst) and his attack on Alexandria. 

"Beta going house to house slashing anyone he sees, taking out the lights," one fan tweeted. "Seriously my heart hasn't beat this fast in a long time."

Another fan wrote, "I absolutely loved eps 10x05 and 10x07 (gorgeous, even with Siddiq's death) but 10x10 with Beta in Alexandria??? It was like something out of a classic horror flick. The underscore when Beta arrived? Definitely my favorite episode this season."

"Beta entering Alexandria is literally the most creepiest scene I’ve ever seen in," another fan tweeted.

One of the fans compared the scene to the classic slasher film 'Halloween' writing, "This scene of Beta in Alexandria has a very Halloween-esque feel to it, like an '80s slasher flick."

"Well that was one of the most intense scenes 'Walking Dead' has had in a long time, wowzer, and bravo, art of suspense right there," another fan tweeted.

"This is one of the most frightful visions @WalkingDead_AMC has ever had. Ever," one fan wrote in reference to Beta's rampage. "That's just brutal especially after the setup of Rosita's nightmare of a Whisperer over top of Coco!"

'The Walking Dead' Season 10 airs new episodes every Sunday at 9 pm/8 c on AMC. 

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