'The Walking Dead': Four characters that could kill Beta as the series heads towards Whisperer War

Beta has an impressive kill list on his own accord, but now, we want the lunatic dead

                            'The Walking Dead': Four characters that could kill Beta as the series heads towards Whisperer War

Beta, 'The Walking Dead's' new villain, is terrifying to say in the least.

After Negan brought Carol Alpha's head, Beta went from second-in-command of the Whisperers and the right-hand man of Alpha to the next threat that the OG clan have to eliminate. Despite the way he looks — and his gross dead mask isn't even the most terrifying part — the most terrifying thing about him is the sociopathic and analytic mind that has him devoted to the brutality of the Whisperer way of life.

He seems to be always wanting to protect his identity, even murdering a member of his own clan after they had recognized him to be a celebrity before the world dove into a zombie apocalypse. Beta has an impressive kill list on his own accord, but now, as fans of the OG, we want the lunatic dead. But who will have that honor?

(1) Aaron

Our first guess has to be that the show might bring back the comic book narrative, even though they have moved past it quite a bit. Jesus and Aaron, take down Beta in the comic series as the villain made his way to Hilltop.

When Beta tries to kill Jesus, Aaron shoots him in the chest, and with that, the Whisperers are defeated. In the series though, Aaron and Alden are now surrounded by Beta and his horde, but they are not dead, so maybe the comic book narrative could move forward with this aspect. Also, Gamma, who developed a friendship with Aaron and left the Whisperers was killed by Beta — it would be the perfect revenge for Aaron to have Beta's head.

'The Walking Dead' (AMC)

(2) Negan

Negan was already out on a mission to take down Alpha, after cracking a deal with Carol. He seems determined to be a changed man, with recent episodes having him not only save Daryl's life but open up to his enemy and help Lydia, Alpha's daughter, get over her psychotic mother's death.

Negan, who, after a while was revealed to be playing a double agent, shocked everyone as he took the side of the people that had him imprisoned for 7 years. We don't know if he has another deal with Carol but he seems to want to take the high road, and we're here for it. Wouldn't it be ironic if the man that would burn people's faces in an oven and smashed Glenn's head in will now take down the tyrant that's terrorizing the same people he once did? Not to mention, fans have yet to forgive Negan, we wonder if this would be his ultimate redemption...

'The Walking Dead' (AMC)

(3)  Judith

In the last episode, we saw Judith killing Walkers, a sad sight for a kid but she reminded us a lot of her older brother Carl, who himself used a shotgun at a very young age. Even though the scene with Daryl and Judith in the last episode seemed to be set up for Daryl to find out about where Michonne went, we can't help but think this little kid is ready for a wild kill.

She was born at a time when humans were running from flesh-eating zombies, and it seems to us that she has been trained for this her entire life — she knows of nothing else other than this hell of a world. Not to mention, Beta won't be looking for Judith to defend himself from and whether it would be a mistake or a planned kill, Judith taking down Beta would pay an intense tribute to the Grimes name. Yes, we know she's Shanes kid, but Rick raised the sweet child and she has the will power of the Grimes family. 

'The Walking Dead' (AMC)

(4) Carol

Carol seemed to be fighting insanity as she hears Alpha's taunts, but she has always been determined to get rid of any nemesis that poses a threat to her and her clan. Having made sure that Negan brought her Alpha's head, using emotional manipulation, she is smart enough to lure Beta in ways that her own clan might not think of. Since Season 1, Carol has shown up just at the right time — remember when she initiated an explosion literally saving Rick's neck?

Now, she seems the most determined to defeat the Whisperers. If she returns to make sure Beta is gone forever, we don't think anyone will be surprised. She also doesn't reveal her plans to her clan — Daryl had no idea about the deal she had with Negan — so is there something she's hiding? Is she following Beta as well?

'The Walking Dead' (AMC)

Beta's death is inevitable, and so, we await the incoming Whisperer War — we just hope we don't regret the dead body count.

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