'The Voice' Season 20 Road to Lives: Nick Jonas says Blake Shelton is his favorite judge in 10 years of show

Blake Shelton says the highlight of his time on 'The Voice' is a 'no brainer' meeting fiancee Gwen Stefani

                            'The Voice' Season 20 Road to Lives: Nick Jonas says Blake Shelton is his favorite judge in 10 years of show
The team of 'The Voice' Season 20 including Carson Daly, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Nick Jonas and Blake Shelton ([email protected])

'The Voice' recently celebrated ten years full of high notes and the many more that are to come as the contestants of Season 20 prepare for the live shows that are ahead. The high point of the walk down musical memory lane for fans was possibly watching a baby-faced Blake Shelton talk about his expectations from the show ten years ago. Shelton talks about how he was so intimidated by his fellow judges CeeLo Green, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine initially.

It's hard to imagine Blake being intimidated now, but then ten years on the same show as the most victorious coach will do that for you. But it wasn't just Blake who the episode was focussing on. The show paid tribute to all the judges who have made the show what it was, from Aguilera to Pharrell Williams to Shakira to Miley Cyrus to Jennifer Hudson to Alicia Keys and Usher. Blake talks about his great and unexpected friendship with Usher. Of course, Blake couldn't NOT talk about his bromance/ rivalry/ friendship with Levine. Honestly, no one including them, probably knows what to call it.


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However, what we can call the Blake and Adam banter is - entertaining. Blake's vote for the most fun judge ever on the show was Cee Lo Green. Nick's choice for the Best Judge ever on the show is Blake, but before you say what, Nick quickly clarifies it's only because Blake paid him to say so.

It wasn't just looking back, but also looking forward, as a part of the Road to Lives that made up the episode. The episode focusing on the journey that has gone into creating each of the judges' teams and the often heartbreaking decisions and of course, the triumphant moments that have led to it. Team Nick now includes Dana Monique, Rachel Mac, Jose Figueroa Jr and Andrew Marshall. 

Team Kelly's team now comprises the man with the mullet Kenzie Wheeler. Kelly says using her block to get Kenzie was the best use she has ever made of her block. Corey Ward made the best of his second chance on 'The Voice' and has made it to the Road to Lives. Zae Romeo overcame great odds from being placed in the foster system to finding himself on one of the world's biggest stages. While he initially didn't choose Team Kelly, Kelly finally stole Zae from Team Nick. Gihanna Zoe has been often referred to as the baby Beyonce on the show and is also one of the strongest contenders on Team Kelly at just seventeen. If you think that it's only Blake who was the butt of all jokes on this episode, plenty of potshots were also taken at Kelly on the show, for her talking a mile a minute.



Team Legend may not be frontrunner for walking away with the winning spot on Season 20, but here's a look at who is making up Team Legend. Victor Solomon may have the voice quite literally, but when it comes to pure stage presence Pia Renee who is quietly confident off stage, is a powerhouse on stage. Zania Alake has dazzled the judges with her souful voice. Ryleigh Modig didn't start out on Team Legend, in fact, Legend didn't even turn for her. But Ryleigh could be one of the strongest contenders on Team Legend right now.

Of course, no look back at 'The Voice' is complete without looking back at the Blake-Gwen romance. Blake talks about how ridiculous it is even to him, that he and Gwen Stefani are a couple. But while Gwen and Blake are teammates for life, with a possible summer wedding on the cards, here's a look at who is on Team Blake this season.



Blake says that he is the most 'winningest' coach on the show and will win again this year. And he may just be right because Cam Anthony from Team Blake is seen as the one to beat this season. Pete Mroz on Team Blake has had quite a long journey with Blake since they were both in a group together twenty-five years ago. Jordan Matthew Young has brought his family's work ethic to the stage and brings a rock and roll edge to country. Anna Grace is the final team member on Team Blake who started out with a four-chair turn on 'The Voice'. But challenges on 'The Voice' are minor compared to the struggles that Anna has had to overcome as she has battled several life-threatening health challenges.

But there will be one more artist joining all the contestants above. The artists who were saved for the four-way Knockout were Emma Caroline, Devan Blake Jones, Carolina Rial, and Savanna Woods. So which artist has been voted through from the four-way Knockout. You can find out when the first live shows air next week. Catch the latest episodes of 'The Voice' On Mondays at 8/7c on NBC. 

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