'The Voice' Season 18: Here are the top 5 contestants who won America's hearts

'The Voice' Season 18: Here are the top 5 contestants who won America's hearts

'The Voice' featured the semi finale episode yesterday evening (May 11) with the Top 9 contestants taking the stage to secure their spot in the Top 5. America has voted and the results are in. Here's a look at the contestants who made it to the finale episode, which will air next week. 

Team Kelly Clarkson

Megan Danielle and Micah Iverson performed from Team Clarkson. In an exchange with Carson Daly, Danielle mentioned that her coach has advised her to "believe in myself". 


Iverson dedicated his Top 9 performance to coach Kelly last night. The young artist mentioned to Daly that his coach believing in him means everything to him and he also praised Kelly for being a good leader and mentor. The audiences saved Micah Iverson.

Team Nick Jonas 

Allegra Miles and Thunderstorm Artis are the two artists who performed in the semi finale episode last night. 


Last night saw Allegra Miles dedicating her performance to her grandmother who she described as the "core of music" for her entire family. On being asked about the one message she would like to give her grandmother on the episode tonight she said, "I want to thank her for being the inspiration she has been. She is always singing and reminding us of the power of why we are in music."


Thunderstorm thanked the show for an opportunity to dedicate his Top 9 performance to his wife who he referred to as "the center of my universe".

Thunderstorm won more votes from the American audiences and advanced further in the competition.

Team John Legend 

CammWess and Zan Fiskum from Team Legend performed in the Top 9 last night. 

On being asked how he feels about his relationship with his coach Legend, who mentioned in last night's episode that he feels a kinship like no other on the show, Wess mentioned that it's "incredible". He added, "Anyone who knows me knows how big of an inspiration John is to me. I am just grateful for this moment as a whole."


Zan dedicated her Top 9 performance to her brother Kel. On being asked the one thing she hopes her brother learns about following his dreams, Zan mentioned: "I hope he learns dedication and hard work and a drive to pursue everything he loves and not be consumed by what everyone thinks and focus on what's inside of you." 

Among the two of them, America chose CammWess to advance in the competition. 


Team Blake Shelton

Team Shelton is the only one with three artists remaining on the show — Toneisha Harris, Joanna Serenko and Todd Tilghman. 

Serenko had dedicated her Top 9 performance to her sister, from whom she's separated during this quarantine. She mentioned that her sister is a great friend to her and said to dedicate a performance to her was fun. 

Tilghman, on the other hand, has been supported in every step of his musical journey by his children. On the things that he wants his children to learn, he mentioned that he would like for them to "learn to take risks, step out of their comfort zones, and do something scary".


Between Toneisha, Joanna and Todd Tilghman, America saved Tilghman who advanced to the finale. 

However, it's not over for the remaining contestants just yet and all of them will be performing for the last time on the show, and in the last five minutes of the episode, America will vote once again. The top voted contestant will become the 5th and final contestant to enter the finale.


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