'The Voice' Season 18: Micah Iverson becomes the first male contestant on Kelly Clarkson's team this season

'The Voice' Season 18: Micah Iverson becomes the first male contestant on Kelly Clarkson's team this season
Micah Iverson and Kelly Clarkson (NBC)

'The Voice' Season 18 returned on March 16 for the final episode of the blind auditions. This season each coach has just 10 spots on their team as opposed to 12 in the previous seasons. Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and Nick Jonas have added eight contestants to their team and coach John Legend has seven contestants on his team for now. Competition is really high this season and coaches are thinking really carefully before pushing their buttons for any contestant in the blinds this season.  This episode was the coaches last chance to fill up the remaining spots on their teams. 

The first contestant to take to the stage was Micah Iverson from Japan. He sang 'All I Want' by Kodaline. Kelly who has all filled up eight spots out of 10 with all of them filled up by female contestants turned first for Micah. It was really surprising as Kelly was heard saying she only has two spots left on her all-female team for now and she doesn't think she would turn for a male. At the end of the performance coach Blake and coach Nick also turned, making it a three chair turn performance by Micah.

"It's all heart and all passion. You've got range for days. I only have 2 spots left and the only man I want on Team Kelly is you," said Kelly.

"I don't know emo rock or pop but I have won this show 6 times People love the weirdness of someone like you and someone like me, breaking the rules. Just pick me. I don't want to tell any stories with you. I want you to tell your story" said coach Blake. 

Micah went with Team Kelly at the end of the performance.

Like the coaches, fans of the show are also raving over Micah's performance. "Micah Iverson has such a beautiful tone and handles the igniter times of the sin really well. I can fell the emotion in his voice. Very accessible. He ended sweetly also. #TheVoice #VoiceBlinds", wrote one fan. Another one wrote, "Micah Iverson you have such a beautiful voice! You could just sing to me all day! That song was a great choice! He is worth all the chairs! #Voiceblinds #TheVoice". "Micah is the love of my life. Just letting y’all know. I want to fall asleep to him singing to me for the rest of my life. #TheVoice," read another tweet. 

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