'The Voice' Season 18: Among Arei Moon, Roderick Chambers and Michael Williams, who will advance to the Top 9?

'The Voice' Season 18: Among Arei Moon, Roderick Chambers and Michael Williams, who will advance to the Top 9?

Even though the contestants are performing out of their homes for the live playoffs given the lockdown brought upon us by coronavirus, the quality of the performances is as good as the ones shot for  the Voice stage.

 The at-home format is different but the judges and the contestants seem to be making the most of it and embracing it to deliver breathtaking performances.

The same was proved when coach Nick Jonas's mentee Arei Moon took the stage remotely with the song 'Finesse' by Bruno Mars. 


Her performance left coach Kelly Clarkson fully mesmerized. "I'm a 90's chick when it comes to genre and that was a really cool performance," she said. Coach Jonas was still wiping off his sweat that resulted from all the dancing that he was doing while Arei was performing her song. "I was dancing too much," he agreed and commended Arei for embracing the new format with a fresh perspective. 


It seems like Jonas was not the only one dancing during Arei's performances. 

"@areimoon this girl is SO GOOD!!! Had me dancing all around my living room!!! #TheVoice" wrote a fan

"@areimoon yes girl that was so good, you sang your face off, good luck #TheVoice," wrote another. 

While another tweet read, "@areimoon was a whole vibe. I was smiling and dancing the whole time. #thevoice" 


Next up on the live playoffs was Roderick Chambers. He sang Robin Thicke's 'Lost Without U'. He managed to impress all the judges with his performance as they could be seen snapping their fingers away and enjoying each moment of his performance. 

"I love that song choice. Your voice is such a cool mix when you go from the head voice to chest voice, you do it effortlessly. Not everyone can do that," said John Legend. Roderick's coach, Jonas, was sure that this was "one of the performances" that "Twitter would blow up".


Comments like "Roderick Chambers should give John Legend a run of his money," and "Roderick Chambers has that easy falsetto that I aspire to. He makes it seems so effortless. Just pure natural talent. This is surprisingly joyous with subtle hints of sexy. I’m jealous!" proved exactly what Jonas predicted.

Michael Williams who was announced as the winner of the 4-way knockout round at the beginning of the episode was the last member from Team Jonas. He performed on the song 'Sign of the Times' by Harry Styles. 


His performance led to him being compared to former teen idol Donny Osmond. 

"Michael Williams reminds me Of @donnyosmond especially with that shirt, the smile, hair, even his voice/great performance on #TheVoice," wrote a fan

"I like how Michael Williams is hitting the high notes. #TheVoice" wrote another fan

While another tweet read," Michael Williams gets all my votes just for singing a harry styles song #TheVoice"


Who amongst them will advance to the Top 9? Let us know in the comments. 

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