'The Voice' Season 18 Finale: Toneisha Harris's powerful rendition of 'Faithfully' reminds Kelly Clarkson of Chaka Khan

Toneisha, the only female artist standing in the finale, revealed that she had applied to audition for Season 2 but couldn't make it to the auditions because of her son's leukemia diagnosis

                            'The Voice' Season 18 Finale: Toneisha Harris's powerful rendition of 'Faithfully' reminds Kelly Clarkson of Chaka Khan

Toneisha Harris, the only female finalist on 'The Voice', rendered a powerful version of the '80s song 'Faithfully' by rock band Journey. 

Harris became the 5th finalist on the show last week as part of a last-minute save by the American audiences in the previous episode. 

While consulting with her coach Blake Shelton remotely about her finale performance, she revealed that this was not the first time she tried to be on 'The Voice'. She wanted to be on the show right back in Season 2 and she also kept an audition pass from that time. Unfortunately, that was the time her son was diagnosed with leukemia and she watched that season with her son from his hospital room. 

Her son is fine now and was on the show today, cheering his mother on. It was now time for Harris to perform and she was working her powerful vocals with a lot of emotion. She was performing alongside a montage of her loved up moments with her husband and her son playing on the screen. 

Her performance left all of the four coaches jumping with excitement after that powerful performance. Coach Kelly Clarkson compared her voice to that of a legendary vocalist. "You have tones in your voice that remind me of Chaka Khan," said Clarkson while praising Harris's effortless runs that she does with her voice. " I can't predict where you are going with your voice and I am here for it," she added further.

Her coach Blake mentioned that she'd turned the finale night upside down with her performance which was easily one of the "best performances of the night" yet. 

Fans on Twitter were as excited as the coaches after Harris's performance. 

"Ladies: vote #TheVoice for Toneisha Harris so you can say you voted for her when later you are buying the CDs, recordings, albums she will be putting out eventually," wrote one of the fans. 

While another wrote, "Toneisha is by far the Winner. All five vocalists are great in their own styles, however, for this competition, Toneisha exemplifies the epitome of vocal excellence. #TheVoice"

"#TheVoice Toneisha Harris you where awesome u brought tears to my eyes love u girl good luck," read another tweet. 

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