'The Voice' Season 18 Happy Hour: Blake Shelton is into TikTok dances while Nick Jonas obsesses over coffee

The video also revealed Kelly Clarkson's failed attempts at using a lasso and chopping wood and Coach John Legend chugging wine while mentoring 'new artists' - his children Miles and Luna

                            'The Voice' Season 18 Happy Hour: Blake Shelton is into TikTok dances while Nick Jonas obsesses over coffee

Tuesday night's episode on 'The Voice' featured a second installment of 'The Voice: Happy Hour from Home'. The video gave the audiences a hilarious sneak peek into the quarantine lives of the coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas. 

Shelton who exuberates a manly cowboy persona revealed that he's indulging in "manly stuff" while quarantining at his Oklahoma ranch. This included playing with little ducklings, doing flower embroidery and cuddling his plants. It doesn't end there. It seems like he's finally given into TikTok and he was seen doing a mix of trending dance steps on the app currently. He mentioned that he's been practicing these TikTok dances to compete with "TikTok master" - Nick Jonas. 

Country girl Kelly too is spending the quarantine at her Montana ranch and mentioned that she was spending time "doing outdoorsy stuff". By that she meant, struggling with her lasso while her equestrian friend stood by, witnessing the epic fail. It was also revealed that she doesn't fare quite well at her wood chopping skills as well. 

Coach Legend is isolating at his LA house and mentioned that he's "working with new artists and making progress". While Legend chugged away his wine, it was revealed that these artists were none other than his children Luna and Miles. 

Jonas revealed that he's really caught up with mastering latte art in quarantine. There were multiple shots of his at his coffee making machine and he said that he's working with simpler things like leaves right now but his goal is to create a self-portrait, which he's working towards. 

"The best thing is it turns out that I love coffee" mentioned a highly caffeinated Jonas while his wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, appeared in the video worrying about her husband's coffee obsession going out of hand. "I can't sleep" added Jonas later, with bloodshot eyes. 

Fans of the show loved this segment and some of them took to Twitter to express how much they enjoyed it. 

One fan wrote, "HAHA @priyankachopra I feel you girl. @nickjonas that was hilarious, hope your portraits get better lol. The best part was the @blakesheltonTIK-TOK dance. Oh, man. I never thought I'd see that day come, but I'm glad I did. The small gifts of quarantine I guess."

While another revealed the only thing that could get them on TikTok, "Blake on TikTok must be the only thing that could get me on it as well."

Another fan tweeted, "So hilarious!! He was so proud! Kelly is me when I venture into nature. John is me trying to find creativity in this place. Also, Nicholas and his latte art had me.He should’ve did cheers with his latte!" 

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