'The Voice' finalist Rose Short gets candid about inappropriate jellyfish joke she shared with coach Gwen Stefani

'The Voice' finalist Rose Short gets candid about inappropriate jellyfish joke she shared with coach Gwen Stefani
Rose Short performs at 'The Voice' finale (Youtube Screenshot)

Jake Hoot may have been announced as the latest winner of 'The Voice' Season 17 on Tuesday, December 17, night, but the show's funniest contestant and the third finalist Rose Short is not going to be distracted from her path.

When asked if she would consider going back to her old job after losing 'The Voice', the singer tells MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), "I quit my job, girl. I ain't going back."

 Short, who is on Gwen Stefani's Team Gwen and a finalist this season, further shared that she has a responsibility towards the people that love her music and choose to follow her.

"I am gonna be working on my craft and I am going to continue to perform. If the opportunity isn't there, you have to create it, and here I have a platform. I have followers. I have people who are engaged, who are fans. So, I owe it to them to keep going. It don't stop," she says. 

Fans who have followed Short's journey on the show know how earnest her statement is. She has been consistently open and direct with her experiences and it even leads her to have an inside joke with her coach. Short hilariously recaps the creation of this inappropriate joke.



"I was having an issue one week. You know we all have our menstrual and I was really struggling. Somebody's probably gonna throw up. So, I just told her 'Girl, I am not feeling it today'. I was really destroyed, I was really stressed. It makes it worse when you're in this situation." 

Short was rehearsing and she just stopped and told the band that she just gave birth to a jellyfish. "It is what it is," she tells us before joking that she could be going through it right now.

All jokes aside, Short stands for a beautiful message and that is to never give up. She elaborates, "My message is that sometimes you try to rush the process and you can't."

"We pray for things and we want it right then and there and the blessing about it is that he doesn’t give it to us right then and there because we will end up drowning because we don't know how to swim," she shares.


"My thing is, learn how to swim, get ready so you ain't got to stay ready, and don't try to rush the process. Everything will fall into place," Short adds.

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