'The Voice' Season 18: Mike Jerel brings in the sexy, wins against Zach Day in the battles

'The Voice' Season 18: Mike Jerel brings in the sexy, wins against Zach Day in the battles
Mike Jerel and Zach Day (NBC)

​For the battles, coach John Legend paired up vocal powerhouse Mike Jerel along with Zach Day to perform on 'Adorn' by Miguel. He brought in English singer-songwriter Ella Mai with whom he has collaborated for a song in the past, as an advisor to his mentees.

'Adorn' is a sensual song performed with a lot of passion by Miguel and in the practice session, Zach was having a tough time connecting with the song. He didn't resonate with the sexy nature of the song as he doesn't consider himself sexy and decided to take an approach of 'putting up an act' in order to deliver. Things for Mike seemed to be going pretty smoothly as he seemed to remember his time with his girlfriend and very easily bought in amorous conviction to the song in the practice sessions. At the end of the session, John admitted to drooling, listening to both of them sing and termed their performance 'tasty'.

Mike and Zach headed to the stage for the battles and even though Zach had issues during practice, he seemed very confident on stage and managed to wow the judges, especially his coach John. Mike continued to be his fabulous self and delivered the song incredibly, with a lot of sexy riffs and expressions to match, as he did in the practice sessions. After the performance, Nick Jonas said he would not know what he would do if it was him in John's position and choosing one from both of them would be impossible for him. Coach Kelly Clarkson was very impressed with the way Zach performed, "I will say, Zach you open your mouth and I am like what.... I just don't expect that sound that comes out of you"

Now onto the results of the battle, John picked Mike Jerel to advance into the knockouts. It was expected because Mike came through with that performance and fans of the show were in complete agreement with John's choice. "@johnlegend #VoiceBattles I think you definitely made the right choice picking mike he is AMAZING and his range is INCREDIBLE!!!", tweeted a fan. Another tweet read, "You kept the right one. Mike reminds me of Barry white.@johnlegend #VoiceBattles". Another fan tweeted, "@johnlegend
#VoiceBattles Thank you for keeping Mike!! He really brought everything you asked him too."

'The Voice' airs Monday nights on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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