'The Twilight Zone' teasers spur anticipation for upcoming reboot with signature moves from original series

Jordan Peele's highly anticipated reboot of 'The Twilight Zone' arrives on April 1 and the teasers for the show use the iconic opening track of the original show to great effect

                            'The Twilight Zone' teasers spur anticipation for upcoming reboot with signature moves from original series

With less than two weeks remaining for the premiere of Jordan Peele's highly anticipated reboot of 'The Twilight Zone', there is a lot of excitement  surrounding what original 'Twilight Zone' episodes we might get to see once again.

The excitement is only being spurred further by the promotional teasers the show has been releasing on its official social media accounts as most of them feature the iconic title tune from Rod Serling's 1950s original. The teasers also follows the iconic writer and host's signature style of warning viewers of a new dimension the show is transporting them to.



While the official plot summary describes the upcoming reboot simply as "an updated version of the classic TV series featuring various tales of science fiction, horror, and mystery," knowing Peele's affinity for twisted horror, a lot of speculation has spurred about the reboot being much more terrifying than the original.

Sure enough, despite being an anthology split into short stories, the entire aura of Peele's version is inherently creepier, and much more eerie than Serling's original. There are some direct references to elements of horror from the original and several others that are purely Peele's creation. In that, as the trailer claims, fans will definitely get to "witness the reimagining of the most iconic series ever."



The first teaser of the reboot arrived back in September 2018 as a 25-second clip, warning viewers that they are traveling to another dimension of not only sight but mind too. The follow-up teasers showed Peele all suited up as he warns the user about an alternate reality — or a fifth dimension — they are traveling to via the show. This has laid the foundation for all the creepy, horrifying incidents about to unfold.

However, once the full-length official trailer arrived, it was clear that the warning signs and the title track weren't the only things the reboot borrowed from the original. In fact, there are more references to old episodes from Serling's original, and some of those episodes are being redone too for fans of the show.



Not only can we see flashes of pretty much every cast member mentioned in the list, but there are also salient references and throwbacks to some of the classic elements of the original series. For example, Scott appears in what seems to be a throwback to one of the episodes titled 'Nightmare at 20,000 Feet', while the devil fortune teller from 'Nick of Time' makes an appearance too. There's a shot of a little boy paddling along his bike through what looks like an empty hallway, which offers as eerie reminders to the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece 'The Shining,' while ominous looking dolls wash up ashore, and dogs go missing!



The familiar title track used in these teasers and trailers also does an excellent job of creating the aura of eerie chills that is quite reminiscent of the original version. For those who have seen the original and are accustomed to Serling introducing you to the plot, worry not. Peele has once again proven himself to be a brilliant craftsman of creating an ambiance of uneasiness with his works. His voice soothingly invites us onboard, there's a latent warning tone in there too, which helps him fit effortlessly in Serling's shoes.

'The Twilight Zone' arrives on April 1 and will be available for streaming on CBS All Access.