'Queer Eye' Fab Five tell Jimmy Fallon its important to honor heroes who impart hope during these trying times

The Fab Five were on the show and they did what they do best — dispense life-changing advice

                            'Queer Eye' Fab Five tell Jimmy Fallon its important to honor heroes who impart hope during these trying times

The co-hosts of Netflix's hit emotional makeover show 'Queer Eye' — Karamo Brown, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski and Bobby Berk, collectively known as the Fab Five, were on Jimmy Fallon's late-night talk show on Tuesday, May 9, night. Season 5 of 'QE' just released and earlier, Tan also received his American citizenship after 20 long years of waiting.

Tan has been married to American-born Rob France, since 2007 and on the show, he mentioned that he was separated from his husband for six years and "kicked out" a number of times from the country. He also mentioned that his citizenship came at the right time stating that America can use every vote at this point and he promised to use his rights for the benefit of the country and its people. 

The conversation later shifted back to the new season's first episode that features an openly gay pastor and the impact it holds in these times. Karamo noted that this might not be the right time to promote a show like this but he was of the opinion that 'QE' helps people relax emotionally and mentally and leaves them with a strong drive to help others.

Continuing on the topic, Antoni added that the show focuses on honoring heroes and giving them makeovers and while speaking for himself, he mentioned that the world is full of hopelessness right now and it's really important to honor heroes as they impart hope. He also mentioned that he looks up to Gianna Floyd who in an interview that he watched earlier in the day mentioned "Daddy changed the world" and that gave him hope. 

Before ending the show, the Fab Five did what they do best — dispense life-altering advice. Karamo kept it short with "focus on you before you help others" while Tan highlighted the importance of being serious about how one presents oneself to the world. Antoni kept it light and funny by stating that "5 seconds in the microwave could help a lemon yield more juice", however, he shared on a serious note the importance of education in these times. Van Ness sticking to his area of expertise mentioned that people at home should think twice before giving themselves an at-home haircut or hair color in order to save themselves from corrective measures.

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