'The Terror: Infamy' episode 2 preview: Will Luz play a bigger role in the horrors about to unfold?

Luz is pregnant with Chester's baby as bizarre deaths keep plaguing their town, Terminal Island; could this unborn baby be a potential host for the evil spirits to latch on?

                            'The Terror: Infamy' episode 2 preview: Will Luz play a bigger role in the horrors about to unfold?

This article contains spoilers for episode 1.

The first episode of the AMC anthology horror 'The Terror: Infamy' focused on a lot of things. From the unfair regimes of Japanese internment camps during the Second World War to the internal struggle of an American-born Japanese trying to fit into either of the worlds, the supernatural element of the show isn't its only element of horror. But going to the second episode, the one thought that has been plaguing viewers the most has to be the mystery of Chester's (Derek Mio) pregnant girlfriend, Luz (Cristina Rodlo). We know their town, Terminal Island' was plagued by bizarre deaths all of a sudden, right after an abortion potion was brewed in secret for the young co-ed couple; but is that all? Or are the sinister elements going to impact Luz's unborn child too?

The first episode of the second season of the series kicks off with a suicide. A woman called Masayo Furuya can be seen decking up from head to toe, walking to a dock, and stabbing herself in the ear with a hairpin. And as she bleeds to death, one can tell that this isn't the end of the evils that lead Masayo to kill herself. Right from the opening scene, one can tell Masayo is most likely possessed. As she walks to the dock, her ankles and neck crack in the way a stereotypical zombie would in gory, apocalyptic thrillers. 

Again, during Masaya's wake, we see Chester trying to gather the Furuya family and other attendees around the open casket for a photograph, and right after he clicks, a sudden storm hits so hard that it topples over Masayo's casket, dropping her body on the ground. Those present at the wake express how this is the work of evil spirits, setting the tone of horror which the township is being terrorized by. And this is further carried on by Luz when she tells Chester that by using a potion to terminate the pregnancy, they are going against God's plan - indicating the consequences would be really bad.



Later in the episode, we also see Chester sneaking up to Luz's bedroom to plead her not to terminate the pregnancy. This comes after Chester has made a questionable trip to the town's brothel on the occasion of a close friend's bachelor party. There Chester meets the mysterious, beautiful woman called Yuko, who invites him to her bedroom for predictions based on Tasseography, or tea leaf reading. Yuko tells him about the darkness and light lying ahead in his path, but unbeknownst to him, Yuko was the very same woman who had crossed paths with Masayo's husband, Hideo, and the man immediately went blind with agonizing pain. Chester, unaware of her truth, seeks her advise and pleads with Luz to keep the baby, asking her to elope with him so they can raise a family together and be happy. 

Luz doesn't give in to the plan of running away and sends Chester off, but she also implies that she's still planning on keeping the baby. And that leads us to speculate that like most horror scenarios, Luz's baby could be born as a devil child, thus heightening her role in the element of horror on the show. So far Luz doesn't exactly look like the devil in disguise but given the incidents unfolding in the town, it's not entirely a far fetched idea to expect that the baby might have something to do with the future of the supernatural evil spirits reigning the atmosphere.

'The Terror: Infamy' premiered on Monday, August 12, and is set to air every Monday at 9pm only on AMC.

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