'The Talk': Kelly Osbourne says her stint on 'The Masked Singer' helped her step back into the limelight

The singer-actress spoke about finding herself by doing the show after taking two years off to 'fix what was broken, get sober'.

                            'The Talk': Kelly Osbourne says her stint on 'The Masked Singer' helped her step back into the limelight

It was an afternoon of musical revelations on the 'The Talk' on November 14. R&B singer Alicia Keys posted a special video message for the ladies on the show about returning as the host of the 2020 Grammy Awards. "The Lady Bug", Kelly Osbourne, fresh off her unmasking, on 'The Masked Singer', joined her mother, Sharon Osbourne, and the other hosts of the show to talk about "finding herself again" on the show. 

Excited about returning to her hosting duties for The 2020 Grammy awards to be broadcast on January 26, Alicia Keys said: "I just wanted to tell you, and you'll be the first [to hear], I'm coming back to host this year's Grammys. Can you feel me! Sending you all, so much love!" 

Kelly also took the time to drop in, fresh off her big reveal on 'The Masked Singer' Season 2, Episode 7 as the woman behind "The Ladybug". She spoke about acting like Lindsay Lohan because she wanted people to believe that they had rightly guessed that she was Lohan. "I wanted them to think it was anybody but me," she said to keep the "shock factor" of her reveal. The effort seems to have paid off with most people guessing she was either Lohan or Jamie Lynn Spears, especially with that strong Southern accent instead of her regular British accent. 

When asked to compare her experience on the show with her stint on Season 9 of 'Dancing with the Stars', she said that while 'Dancing with the Stars' was the "most life-changing experience" she had ever had, 'The Masked Singer' came a close second. "It was similar because I found myself again doing this show. It's weird that I have to do weird competitive TV shows to do it but I did," she said, adding that it made her realize that she "still wanted to do TV" despite the voice in her head telling her she was "not good enough" -- a false notion dispelled by being on the show. 

In some way, the ladybug costume and being masked helped her adjust to the spotlight after taking off for the last two years. "I took two years off and I had never done that in my career - from 16 to 33, I worked straight through, from show to show to show. To take that time off and fix what was broken, get sober and be the 'new me' but be the 'new me' behind a mask was a great way to, kind of, step back into the limelight again," said the purple-haired, reality TV star, singer and actress looking stunning in a fitted black dress.

The confession brought tears to her mother Sharon Osbourne who looked like a proud mother, happy to see her daughter taking control of her life. Kelly also revealed that while she had told Sharon about being on 'The Masked Singer', she hadn't told her father, Ozzy Osbourne, who was pleasantly surprised when Kelly was unmasked. "I couldn't have told him because he would be like the town crier - 'Hear ye! Hear ye! My daughter'...", she said, while the hosts Sharon, Sheryl Underwood, Eve, Carrie Ann Inaba and Marie Osmond, dissolved into laughter.

The show will soon see Patrick Stewart and Peter Bergman from 'The Young and the Restless' dropping in to chat with the ladies on 'The Talk'. The live show airs Monday through Friday at 11 am PT. 

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