'The Masked Singer': Kelly Osbourne revealed to be the celebrity behind the ladybug mask

Fans have been trying to get to the bottom of the mystery and it looks like they have finally connected all the dots and made the right guess!

                            'The Masked Singer': Kelly Osbourne revealed to be the celebrity behind the ladybug mask

Fans have been trying hard to connect the dots and find out who is under the ladybug mask. The celebrity behind the ladybug mask impressed the judges with a powerful performance. Choosing to sing 'Youngblood' by 5 seconds of summer, the ladybug made sure that everyone grooved to the music. 

Throughout the show, the viewers have got a chance to have an insight into the life of the celebrity who was behind the mask. She has often opened up about the hardships that she faced in life. These included having insecurities and trust issues in all her relationships, be it family or friends or even romantic ones. 

The performance made the judges believe that the celebrity had some experience singing. Some of the guesses that were made by the judges included Nicki Minaj, Jamie Lynn Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Jackson. 

However, fans thought otherwise. Many viewers were quick to guess Kelly Osbourne being the celebrity behind the ladybug mask. One of the reasons for this was the latest clue that was offered by her for the viewers. The clue showed a golf cart and the celebrity was quick to note that when she was young she did not mind having a little dirt on her tire. 

Fans were quick to put on their guessing hat and identify the celebrity. One of the fans even shared a screenshot of an incident that was recounted by Osbourne. The screenshot showed Osbourne recalling the time when she drove a golf cart at full speed. "Everyone was egging me on, of course, so I got the golf cart up to its top speed (which, let's be honest, was probably about seven miles per hour) and rammed it inside," the clipping read. "When he came out he was covered in shit and that horrible blue disinfecting liquid and it caused such a mess that my parents had to pay a five-thousand-dollar sanitation cleaning fee."

Others seemed to agree that it was indeed Osbourne after looking at the screenshot while also taking on the hint that she came from a rich family. While the judges had their eyes set on other celebrities, the final revealing of the mask showed that the fans were right. As it turns out, Osbourne was the celebrity in the ladybug mask and she tricked the judges with her accent. Will the others be able to do the same? 

'The Masked Singer' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on FOX. 

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