‘The Sound of Magic’: 5 things you need to know about the new K-drama on Netflix

‘The Sound of Magic’: 5 things you need to know about the new K-drama on Netflix
The official poster of 'The Sound of Magic' (Netflix)

The Sound of Magic’ is an upcoming Netflix Original psychological K-Drama series written by Kim Min Jeong and directed by Kim Seong-Yoon. The series is the live-action adaptation of the popular webtoon 'Annarasumanara' and follows Yoon Ah-yi, a girl who had to grow up too fast, and Rieul, a mysterious magician who, although grown up, wants to remain a kid." ‘The Sound of Magic’ will have a total of 6 episodes.
The series is produced by JTBC Studios, whom Netflix has often worked with in the past. Netflix also exclusively carries many of JTBC's shows internationally, including the recent zombie hit ‘All of Us Are Dead’.  Unlike the broadcast shows that come to Netflix weekly, the platform will receive all the episodes of ‘The Sound of Magic’ at once. Here’s all we know about the new K-drama.



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When does 'The Sound of Magic' release?

'The Sound of Magic' arrives on Netflix globally on Friday, May 6th, 2022.

What is the plot of 'The Sound of Magic'?

The official synopsis of the series reads:

"Abandoned by her parents because of debt, Yoon Ah Yi supports herself and her younger sister. Despite how busy she is with her part-time job and her studies, Yoon Ah Yi is still one of the top students at the school. All Yoon Ha Yi wishes is to grow up as fast as possible so that she can have a stable job, and when she reveals her dream to the magician Lee Eul, her life is changed forever."


Who stars in ‘The Sound of Magic’?

‘The Sound of Magic’ will feature a star-studded cast that includes Hwang In-youp (‘True Beauty’), Ji Chang-wook (‘The K2’, ‘Backstreet Rookie’) and Choi Sung-eun (‘Beyond Evil’).


Helmed by 'Itaewon Class' and 'Love In The Moonlight' director Kim Sung-youn, 'The Sound Of Magic' is based on a popular webcomic titled 'Annarasumanara', written and illustrated by Ha Il-kwon. The series is produced by JTBC Studios and choreographed by Hong Se-jeong of the musicals 'Phantom' and 'Laughing Man', while magician Lee Eun-gyeol served as the magic advisor. Composer Park Seong-il and lyricist Kim Eana were in charge of the music.






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