'The Society': Becca Gelb's baby Eden's father could be one of the teenagers from the group, suggests explosive fan theory

'The Society': Becca Gelb's baby Eden's father could be one of the teenagers from the group, suggests explosive fan theory

'The Society', Netflix's young adult thriller about a group of teenagers who are mysteriously transported to a facsimile of their town, gave us many strong female characters. It also gave us compassionate leaders in Cassandra and Allie (played by Rachel Keller and Kathryn Newton) — both led the village, making conscious, all-rounded decisions for the sustenance and development of the new society.

In Elle (played by Olivia DeJonge), there is a resilience towards abuse and the zeal to get out of the muck. And although we aren't particularly fond of her, Lexie (played by Grace Victoria Cox) is unabashed in speaking her mind and standing her ground. 

But if we were to pick a character we admire the most, it'd be Gideon Adlon's Becca Gelb. Becca is impregnated at a very young age – the kids are still in high school – and portraying this very thing was a difficult task for Adlon. At the premiere of the first season, Adlon told MEA WorldWide that "playing a pregnant girl at such a young age — that's terrifying."


When she knows she is pregnant, she is scared but determined that she will see through the pregnancy by herself. But we could almost see just how relieved she was after Sam (Eliot, played by Sean Berdy) came onboard to co-parent Eden, Becca's child. 

Throughout the season though, the identity of Eden's father is not revealed. Every time she is asked, all Becca says is that she doesn't want to reveal the identity of the person because she is also worried about the stigma.

But, fans of the show have an explosive – and we must say, quite on point – theory regarding Eden's father.  In a long and a very detailed Twitter thread, a fan pointed out that Becca's child's father might be someone from the group of teenagers in the facsimile.

Emilio Garcia-Sanchez as Jason (Twitter)


"First off, in episode 3, there’s a town meeting at the church. Becca and Sam walk to their seats and she looks over her shoulder. The camera cuts to Jason [played by Emilio Garcia-Sanchez] front and centre looking in her direction from across the church. this tells that they might be looking at each other." 

The thread continued: "Becca says she doesn't want to disclose the identity of the father because she'd be known as 'some sl**ty girl who slept with an ass***e at a party' (in her words). Now Jason does have a girlfriend, Erika. By the time Becca is pregnant, Jason and Erika would be together for 4-5 months (it was said in an episode). Now the stigma on guys cheating on their girlfriends is that the girl who the guy cheated with is a 'sl*t', and normally guys are perceived as ass***es for cheating," explains the user. 

A standard retort to this theory would be that the alleged couple has never really interacted with each other on camera. 


In another point, the fan wrote, "The show's creator says that the truth of who the baby’s dad is that 'it will have a lot of judgment attached and will bring people close together yet tear others apart'. Judgment is if Jason is the father of Eden, Becca will be judged for not only being a teen mom but for sleeping with someone else's boyfriend. Jason is obviously going to find out that Becca had a baby. Jason might want to be involved with Eden and that means that Jason and Becca might have to bond more, hence 'bringing people together'. Like I said before, Jason is Erika's boyfriend. so obviously it'll tear them apart as a couple."

We can't exactly tell if this is far-fetched or not. Still, it'd be really cool to see if this theory plays out in the second season of 'The Society', mainly because it'd be pretty lame if the makers went with an obvious choice like Harry (Bingham, played by Alex Fitzalan ) or Campbell (Eliot, played by Toby Wallace). It would also give some depth to Emilio's Jason.


All we have to do is wait till the second season is out in 2020. Meanwhile, the first season is streaming on Netflix.

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