'The Simpsons' Season 32 Episode 9: Fans shocked as Lisa Simpson gets detention and a B+ from tired teacher

Lisa Simpson had some harsh words for her teacher, and the fans are throwing their support behind her 100%

                            'The Simpsons' Season 32 Episode 9: Fans shocked as Lisa Simpson gets detention and a B+ from tired teacher
Still from 'The Simpsons' (FOX)

Lisa Simpson (Yeardley Smith) has staked her reputation on being a Straight-A student, but every once in a while, there comes along a teacher who's just too overworked to recognize the extra mile that Lisa goes through for her grades. Lisa had to tack on yet another mile this episode in her teacher's shoes to understand her point of view, but in the end, it was all moot, and Lisa's A+ streak ends with an unchanging B+ and a detention record. While Lisa may have had some harsh words to her teacher about the subject, fans are rallied behind her 100%.

Ms Hoover (Maggie Roswell) has been having some back issues, and conducts class on the floor from her tablet - a device that makes things easier for her to just give everyone a B+ and call it a day. Lisa was not willing to accept such a practice, and called Ms Hoover a hack - for which Lisa received detention, shocking fans. "Lisa got detention?! Are we in the twilight zone?" wrote a fan. "Wow Lisa just went off on Ms.Hoover right there," wrote another. "Lisa's one of the bad kids?! What?!" wrote a third.







Many others found that Lisa's words resonated with them, as she berates Ms Hoover for ignoring the one child in her class that was actually excited about learning, lazily punishing her for her enthusiasm. "Lisa made some prettt good points," wrote one fan. "Welcome to the rest of school and your entire working life," wrote this viewer.





Other fans threw in their voices to support Lisa and her speech. "That's right Lisa! Speak up! Speak your truth!" wrote a fan. "I wish they could bring Mr Bergstrum back to give Lisa encouragement and happiness," wrote one well-wisher. "That's bs. Why Lisa keep getting deletion for not saying sorry?" questioned a viewer.







By the episode's end, Lisa took a little bit of time to better understand Ms Hoover's point of view, and even bought her teacher a chair to help with her back. Ms Hoover still hasn't budged on changing Lisa's grade, but the two have shared a moment of mutual understanding at least - and Lisa's been taken out of detention.

The next episode of 'The Simpsons' airs on Sunday, December 13, on FOX.

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