'The Red Nose Day Special': 5 Seconds of Summer move fans to tears with soulful performance of 'Best Years'

'The Red Nose Day Special': 5 Seconds of Summer move fans to tears with soulful performance of 'Best Years'
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NBC's sixth annual 'Red Nose Day Special' debuted at 9pm EST and the line-up so far has been quite entertaining. The two-hour show will include music performances and sketches along with short films that showcase how the donations to Red Nose Day help change and save the lives of children living below the poverty line. The funds raised during this #RedNoseDay campaign will help in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the performances was '5 Seconds Of Summer' and fans were elated to see them kill it. The band performed the song 'Best Years' and it's safe to say many of us were in tears.

"Bruh @5SOS has me crying! That was amazinggg #RedNoseDay," tweeted a fan. "@5SOS performance on the #RedNoseDay has me crying so hard those vocals," tweeted another fan. Fans expressed their pride in how far the band has come and how proud of them they are. Not to mention, the performance was quite incredible. If you have missed it, check it out on Twitter. Fans have recorded the performance and celebrated with fellow fans all over the social media channel. The best part? All this is for a good cause. "I'm so proud of you guys and how far you have come to participate in such meaningful events #rednoseday," tweeted a fan. "#RedNoseDay is definitely the vibe like I came for 5sos but I will definitely be staying I'm actually really enjoying it lol," tweeted a fan. "5sos really killed that omg Kings of Red Nose Day #RedNoseDay," tweeted another fan.

While some came just to see the band, the performances had people staying back and watching the whole show and many left feeling a sense of community. "Once 5SOS is done performing id recommend to keep watching! Not only is it for a good cause but its literally restoring faith into society and showing the beautiful times during this pandemic. Keep watching to see the good side of humanity because its there! #RedNoseDay," tweeted a viewer. "Thank you @NBC for hosting #RedNoseDay and letting @5SOS perform a beautiful version of 'Best Years'. The whole special was amazing and let’s let everyone know that they should donate to those that are in need in these hard times," tweeted another fan.

Needless to say, 5sos' performance was much waited and having performed towards the end, it was well worth the wait. "5sos just slayed!!! Way to close it out!! So beautiful!!!!! #RedNoseDay," tweeted a viewer. 


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