'There are too many bodies': The CHILLING radio call first revealed scale of Texas migrant horror

'There are too many bodies': The CHILLING radio call first revealed scale of Texas migrant horror
A cop broadcast his description during the search for the driver, Homero Zamorano (R), who was reportedly 'very high on meth' (@FamilysSoupTV/Twitter and @MarcelinoKHOU/Twitter)

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: A distressed cop called for help at the scene where a truck full of dead bodies of migrants were found in Texas, saying there were “too many bodies” to deal with. The request came at a time when San Antonio cops were using police radios amid the search for the tractor-trailer's driver, who had fled. “I have too many bodies here,” the unidentified officer reportedly said.

One of the cops broadcast his description during the search for the driver amid the tragedy, Homero Zamorano, who was reportedly “very high on meth” at the time, according to the San Antonio Express-News. “Heavy-set Hispanic male. He may be wearing a brown shirt,” the cop said. Another cop reportedly said that the driver might have a teardrop tattooed on his face and a bunny on his neck. 


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Zamorano, who was later arrested, was identified through a black shirt with stripes. A hat he was wearing matched a surveillance recording made at an immigration checkpoint he had previously passed through. A photo of the driver which surfaced on social media showed him smiling as he leaned out of the driver’s side.


Christian Martinez, a 28-year-old man believed to be his accomplice, told authorities that Zamorano did not know that an air-conditioning unit in the trailer had stopped working. Text messages between Zamorano and Martinez that were obtained revealed that Martinez allegedly used code to ask Zamorano, “Where you at?” The message reportedly read, "Wya, bro". 

At least 46 migrants were found dead on Monday, June 27, inside a tractor-trailer on a Texas roadway. The bodies were found inside the 18-wheeler on Quintana Road in San Antonio. As many as 16 survivors were initially rushed to area hospitals in various conditions, but some of them later died. The death toll has now risen to over 51.

Authorities have identified at least 27 Mexicans, seven Guatemalans, and two Hondurans so far, according to Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and Consul of Mexico Ruben Minutti-Zanatta. The nationalities of the other victims have not been identified yet. Among the dead migrants are 39 men and 21 women, officials confirmed. The sisters, Carla and Griselda Carac Tambriz — originally from the Colcajá canton, Nahualá, Sololá in Guatemala — died in the truck which was carrying an estimated 100 people across the Mexican border into the US.

The truck driver, who initially fled, was apprehended by authorities in a nearby field. He has been taken into federal custody. Two other suspects have been arrested, and authorities said one of them is an American citizen. First responders said that they approached the vehicle and found “stacks of bodies” that were allegedly sprinkled with steak seasoning to hide the odor of decaying dead bodies of the migrants. 

The survivors were rescued from the 18-wheeler which reportedly did not have air conditioning or refrigeration. On Monday, temperatures in San Antonio reached a high of 103 degrees. According to first responders, the people were suffering from heat stroke.

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