'The Queen and the Conqueror': Meet the cast of Netflix's latest Colombian historical drama series

'The Queen and the Conqueror': Meet the cast of Netflix's latest Colombian historical drama series
'The Queen and the Conqueror' (Netflix)

Netflix's 'The Queen and the Conquistador', alternatively titled 'La Reina de Indias y el Conquistador, is a historical drama that is loosely based on historic events. The show follows a dramatized history of India Catalina's tragic story. After being abducted as a child by Spanish conquistador Diego de Nicuesa from an indigenous settlement known as Zamba o Galerazamba, Catalina learns Spanish and becomes an interpreter and intermediary for another Spanish conquistador, Pedro de Heredia. No one knows Catalina's real name and it is said she married Pedro's nephew, Alonso Montanez. In the show, the story will be quite different.


Here's a closer look at the cast:

Essined Aponte

Essined Aponte in 'The Queen and the Conquistador' (Netflix)

Essined Aponte is a Puerto Rican actress who started out her career as a model. Born Yara Essined Aponte in 1991, she was not always interested in becoming an actor. In fact, she once wanted to become an architect and even attended the University of Puerto Rico with the aim of becoming an interior designer. Of course, fate had other plans. Aponte plays the indigenous interpreter India Catalina on the show. She is also known for roles in 'SWAT', 'The Three Sides of Ana' and 'Cosita Linda'


Emmanuel Esparza

Emmanuel Esparza (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Emmanuel Esparza is a Spanish actor whose first major role was in the Caracol Televisión telenovela 'La Pola'. He later starred in 'Mentiras perfectas', the Colombian adaptation of the American drama series 'Nip/Tuck', created by Ryan Murphy.  Esparza plays the Spanish conquistador, Pedro de Heredia, who established the city of Cartagena de Indias and is known as the explorer of the northern coast and the interior of present-day Colombia. He was a descendant of a rich family of noble lineage and left behind a wife and children when he went to the New World. With the help of Catalina acting as interpreter, Heredia conquered and ruled the area around Cartagena, including Turbaco and the Magdalena River. He looted native graves in the Sinú river area and established Santiago de Tolú.


Mercedes Salazar

Mercedes Salazar is an actress and producer (not to be confused with the jewelry designer of the same name) known for her work in 'Arrayán', 'Amistades peligrosas', 'Keyla', and 'Camino'. She plays the role of  Inés.

Maia Landaburu

Maia Landaburu is a Colombian-French actress with extensive experience in film, theater, and television. His career has spanned stages  France, Chile, and Colombia. Her acting career started as a girl when she was part of the show 'Los niños se toman el Mundo'. She plays the role of Constanza.


'The Queen and the Conquistador' will be available to stream on Netflix on May 20 at 12 am PST.

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