'The Purge' Season 2 Episode 8: Marcus might face bigger threats within confines of his home in the ominous night of violence

In the hours leading up to the annual purge, both Michelle and Tonya are suddenly super-friendly and wholesome around Marcus. What's cooking?

                            'The Purge' Season 2 Episode 8: Marcus might face bigger threats within confines of his home in the ominous night of violence
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This article contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 8: 'Before the Sirens'

In tonight's episode, it is the final hours of the day leading up to the ominous night of violence on 'The Purge' Season 2, and as the family ensure their best to lock down the houses and keep their loved ones safe, what really has us concerned is whether the biggest threat to Marcus Moore is his white neighbors or someone within the comforts of his own home?

Last week's episode ended with Marcus and his wife, Michelle, sitting at their dining table with an entire spread of ammunition laid out in front of them. The couple had just learned why his neighbors were out to relentlessly purge him, and after they refused to take the bounty on his head down, the Moores pretty much knew what was coming. In tonight's episode, we see them gearing up for lockdown when Marcus decides to drive his son to visit his mother, Tonya. Marcus abruptly stops in the middle and asks Darren to check for flat tire as a ruse, so he can break Darren's arm in a deserted location, and get him admitted within the safety of a hospital.

Marcus' next task of the day is to deliver a dish covered in foil to ex-wife Tonya, something that the father-son duo had set out to do together. Tonya commends Marcus for what he did and expresses sympathy for what he and Michelle might have to undergo, but the mood at the Moore household is surprisingly calm. When Marcus gets home, Michelle has the dining table ready with sushi spread out in memory of their first date. She tells him that if this is their last night in the world, she wants to clear things between them, and thus begins a playful repertoire between the two, that ends with both of them promising to try fixing whatever is broken in their relationship.

In all of this, with the sweet-talking and making dinner, Michelle looks like she is setting Marcus up for the nightmare of his life. It has been pretty hard to trust Michelle right from the start, and we weren't wrong with our suspicions when it turned out that one of the people out to purge Marcus was a guy Michelle had had an affair with. The guy had even said he had acted upon Michelle's remarks when the two were still a thing, which she claims was a casual joke as this guy couldn't stop complaining about Marcus. So something is off here, amplified by the sudden arrival of Tonya and her new man.

Tonya comes over with her partner, the guy Marcus had attacked and confronted publicly on Remembrance Day, so even though the two claim they came over to be there for 'family', and Tonya and Michelle seem to hug it all out, again. The scene is paralleled by the white neighbors gathering around the Moore house's compound with their weapons, and as they get closer, what really lurks as a ticking time bomb at the back of our mind is whether both Michelle and Tonya are in on this. Could it be some sick vendetta against Marcus that has both his former and current wives so riled up against him? It doesn't seem very unlikely is all. 

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