'The Purge' Season 2 Episode 5 hints Michelle could still be lying about her affair that got Marcus purged

'The Purge' Season 2 Episode 5 hints Michelle could still be lying about her affair that got Marcus purged

This article contains spoilers for season 2, episode 5.

In tonight's episode of 'The Purge', we finally find out why Marcus Moore is being targeted and yes, his wife Michelle is, in fact, the prime reason behind it. But even though Michelle is self admittedly apologetic about the turn of events, we aren't quite sure that she is not entirely lying to Marcus still. 

Marcus' quest to hunt down the person who raised the bounty on his head on the dark web finally gets him a response from a mysterious old man, asking him to meet in private. When the two catch up, the other guy demands surgical care for a friend in exchange for information on Marcus' attacker. Marcus agrees to the guy's demands and performs the surgery within the confines of his living room, right at the end of which, Michelle arrives home - completely unaware of what she's about to witness.

The initial period of confusion later, when the guy with the information and injured friend leaves the Moore residence, he leaves behind a tiny little envelope for Marcus with the name of his attacker, which is revealed to be a certain Sam Tucker. When Michelle hears the name, her face reveals it all, as she sits down and takes time to register things, and even more so - to muster the courage to come clean to Marcus. Turns out Michelle had an affair with this Sam Tucker a year ago because she was 'lonely' as Marcus was 'always working'. She comes clean about calling it quits because she wanted to be with Marcus, not the other guy, and insists on being in love with Marcus, trying to apologize to him, while he makes some valid points about how he almost lost his life because of something she did.


In all of that confession and apologizing, Michelle tries to be as earnest as possible, but there is still something off about her that makes one really reconsider the credibility of her admission. She claims the affair ended long ago, and yet - as Marcus points out - she was the one outside the bedroom when the killer attacked their house, which was on lockdown. That Michelle is lying through and through is speculation fans have made right from the start, but it is also possible that it was her orchestrating the purging of Marcus all this while, and now that Sam's name is out, she is pretending to have called off the affair.

Smitten as he might be with his young, beyond attractive wife, Marcus isn't entirely blinded anymore, now that he knows Michelle was going to hide this supposedly 'over' fling from him even after knowing that he was almost purged. That's telling about her intentions, even though she keeps repeating he was never supposed to find out. 


'The Purge' season 2 airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm only on USA Network.

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