'The Purge' Season 2 Episode 3 puts Michelle under suspicion as her relationship with Marcus gets strained

Marcus hires a private investigator to dig deep into the bounty raised on his life that almost got him purged, and those closest to him are the biggest suspects.

                            'The Purge' Season 2 Episode 3 puts Michelle under suspicion as her relationship with Marcus gets strained

This article contains spoilers for season 2, episode 3: 'Blindspot'. 

In the aftermath of the annual Purge that we saw in the previous episode, Marcus Moore's antagonist - the person who had raised a bounty over his head via dark web - was still roaming free. A lot of fans speculated that Marcus' wife, Michelle might be the one behind the sick scheme, as she was very conveniently located when the intruder attacked their house, which was on lockdown. Episode 3 solidifies those speculations, with Marcus realizing he was being stupid all along, but it really makes one evaluate the impact of a tragic night of violence in breaking relationships and families apart.

When the third episode opens, we see Marcus in a meeting with the private investigator he has hired to track down the person who wants him dead. She specifically asks him to meet her alone, as she reveals, there's something off about his wife. The investigator believes she is hiding something and cautiously also mentions that she is his second wife, including that it is always someone close, someone who loves us that is out to purge us. But before Marcus can jump to conclusions, the mere fact that something like this is common and not totally unfathomable in the current political and social system is what manages to strike the most.

The cracks such a minor suggestion can establish in a relationship as firmly grounded as the Moores' are laid down right from the moment Marcus walks home. Suspicion reigning his mind, he snaps at Michelle the moment she asks why the investigator called him over to meet in person without any concrete update. Clearly Marcus keeps from her the new revelation, but he doesn't trust her much when she claims she needs to head out for a client meeting, and later, drinks with her girlfriends. By this time, Marcus has already tuned her phone's GPS to his phone's tracking app and as she leaves, there's an air of fishy discomfort about Marcus that comes off as dubiousness - he isn't quite sure whether he wants to trust her or even doubt her for that matter.

The private investigator telling Marcus is it always someone close, someone unexpected that is out to Purge us. (USA Network)

He watches her moves on the tracking app on his phone and almost sighs in relief upon spotting her at the designated meeting, but things change as he spots her making a detour. In a fit of desperation, Marcus heads out and to see what she's up to, with the entire sequence building up for a big reveal of a possible affair - the lowest hanging fruit in the situation. The possibilities of a meeting of Purgers or even a one on one meeting with whoever was helping her plot her husband's murder doesn't escape the viewer. Fortunately, it turns out to be a support group for PTSD. 

Marcus stands outside the hall where Michelle is speaking about being unable to sleep in the dark as the memories of the night they almost got purged still afresh and in that moment, his self resentment matches the latent feeling of relief any viewer would feel. Marcus goes home to cook dinner for his second wife who is somewhat unsure why this sudden change of mood before he apologizes to her for snapping - something that makes one consider the unseen, indirect impacts of the Purge on people and relationships.

It's possible that Michelle isn't in the wrong at all, and Marcus' paranoia will end the brilliant thing they share. If not, it will be really interesting to see the cover-ups Michelle has been up to, and the big final reveal of it all. In a way, the Purge makes everyone paranoid, and for all we know, it could have been Michelle's incentive too. 

'The Purge' season 2 airs on Tuesdays at 9pm only on USA Network. 

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