'The Protector' Season 3 Preview: Hakan strives to find cure for the virus while keeping the Immortals at bay

'The Protector' Season 3 Preview: Hakan strives to find cure for the virus while keeping the Immortals at bay

In December 2018, Netflix dropped its first Turkish original series filled with drama, mythology and mysticism. Titled 'The Protector', the show followed Hakan Demir, a 20-something shopkeeper and part-time con artist, whose life changes after his adoptive father Neset is killed.

Hakan then meets the Loyal Ones, Kemal and Zeynep. The Loyals Ones are part of an ancient secret order whose duty is to protect the city of Istanbul from the Immortals. Hakan himself is the Protector. He is also the only one who can kill the Immortals and prevent the destruction of the city with his talismanic shirt that gives him mystic powers.

Over the first season, we meet Faysal, who is the only Immortal left alive. All Faysal wants to do is bring his wife Ruya back from the dead using Hakan's blood. However, by the end of Season 1, all the Immortals came back to life.

In the second season, Hakan realized he had a brother. Unfortunately, his brother was influenced by the Immortals and ended up doing their bidding by releasing a virus and poison on the humans of Istanbul so that the Immortals can have the city back for themselves.

In Season 3, Hakan has to fight an Immortal we have not met before. What's worse is that Hakan's brother released a deadly virus in the last season, so Hakan also has to figure out how to save the city while battling the Immortals.

The new Immortal, Vezir, is getting ready to conquer Istanbul with a fury of 600 years. Meanwhile, Faysal and Ruya are getting closer to their evil plans — one that involves them ruling a new Istanbul after a deadly virus wipes out humans.

In his quest to find an antidote, the history of Hakan's ancestors will shed light on his battle today as he gets ready for his journey between the past and present.

All episodes of Season 3 of 'The Protector' will be released on Netflix on March 6.

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