'The Pentaverate' Ending Explained: Was the secret society destroyed? Ken sacrifices soul for a risky mission

'The Pentaverate' Ending Explained: Was the secret society destroyed? Ken sacrifices soul for a risky mission
Lydia West as Reilly Clayton, and Mike Myers as Ken Scarborough in 'The Pentaverate' (Netflix)

Contains Spoilers for 'The Pentaverate' Season 1

It’s been more than a decade since viewers have seen Mike Myers in a television show and Netflix has finally given us a chance to see our favorite comedian back on screen. Titled ‘The Pentaverate’, the series revolves around a Canadian journalist named Ken Scarborough (Mike Myers) who has gone undercover to expose the dark side of the secret society called ‘The Pentaverate’.

As soon as he embarks on the journey, he gets to know how dangerous this mission will be. However, he meets an amazing young girl named Reilly (Lydia West) who tags along with him to find out what The Pentaverate is about. The secret group was made to do good for society, but the times have changed and people in the society have also changed. Two of its members want to run the society like they want to and not care about what happens to humanity.



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So, the D-Day has arrived and it’s the time for The Meadows. What will happen there? Will Ken be able to stop society from getting into the wrong hands? Let’s find out.


Mike Myers as Ken Scarborough, Lydia West as Reilly Clayton, and Mike Myers as Anthony Lansdowne in 'The Pentaverate' (Netflix)


‘The Pentaverate’ Ending Explained: Did The Pentaverate get into the wrong hands? 

In the final episode of the Netflix series, we see all the renowned people making an appearance at the conference that happens everywhere. The meeting happens at “The Meadows” and personalities like Queen Elizabeth, Paul McCartney, Bono, Idris Elba, Angela Merkel, Oprah, Barack Obama, Robert Downey Jr, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle are also there.

Meanwhile, Ken and Lydia have been captured by the guards of Bruce Baldwin (Myers) and Skip Cho (Ken Jeong). Ken gets to know that Lydia is not just an ordinary girl, but is actually working as a spy for The Pentaverate. One day, Lydia felt that nothing good was happening and people like her were not given chances to have leadership roles. All the significant roles were just given to “old, white men”. She talked to Patty and they went to Lord Lordington (Myers) to talk about it. Lordington gave Reilly a mission to track the Canadian journalist and be close to him.


Lydia West as Reilly in 'The Pentaverate' (Netflix)


Ken is shocked to hear that and says that he can’t trust her anymore even though he feels that she has changed. She also tells Ken that there is a lot of good in him and he can take down the evil. Luckily, one of their partners arrives and kills the guards. Ken and Reilly are free.

They both get out, but the Pentaverate guards see them and attack them. On the other hand, Bruce has started The Meadows meeting and has done the unthinkable by saying that they almost solved the issue of climate change through the supercomputer, Mentor. However, he believes that people are stupid to deserve the truth. He says, “They’re so stupid that they give away their privacy online just to be mindlessly entertained. So stupid that they give their personal data just to have that data weaponized against them, and they don’t care. They don’t deserve the truth.”

So, he tells everyone present at the conference that he selling off his mentor. Everyone goes out because it’s just too much. China, Russia, and a couple of more countries are interested in buying the machine.


Mike Myers as Bruce Baldwin in 'The Pentaverate' (Netflix)


Elsewhere, Ken, Reilly, and the batch of “good guards” fight the bad ones and reach the conference. He tells them that the Red Robes have been defeated and it’s now time for him to stop what he’s doing. Then, we see a man called Anthony Lansdowne (Myers), a conspiracy theorist, reach the venue as well and say he knew that Bruce was in The Pentaverate.

Bruce called him by his name and tells him that he was “never a free man”. He says that people like him believe every conspiracy theory that is thrown at them and they believe that the other side is pushing them down. But Bruce reveals that there is no other side and he’s the only reason why the “American Dream” passed him by.

At that moment, Lordington and Patty (Mazar) arrive at the venue and tell Bruce to stop whatever he’s doing.

Reilly goes near Bruce to handcuff him, but he makes her a hostage and puts a gun on her head. He tells Ken to hold the key of Pentaverate and give all the control to Bruce and Skip. Ken throws the key away and says that he won’t do it. Bruce goes forward to look for the key but is tackled by Anthony and they fall down the big hole as we saw in ‘Game of Thrones’.


Debi Mazar as Patty in 'The Pentaverate' (Netflix)


The series ends with the founding members of Pentaverate deciding to destroy the group because they feel that the group is not at all about doing good. Meanwhile, the mentor needs a pure soul to start now and it needs Ken’s soul. So, Ken gives his soul and he becomes the eye of the world.

Reilly and Patty have made a new society called ‘The Septaverate’ and Ken is the mentor now.


'The Pentaverate' is currently streaming on Netflix.

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