'The Passage' season 1 finale mingles present with future as Amy is faced with a difficult choice

Amy Bellafonte meanders through the havoc that has been unleashed by the virals, but soon we are allowed a sneak peek into the 'future' as she sees it, and boy - it's ugly!

                            'The Passage' season 1 finale mingles present with future as Amy is faced with a difficult choice

This article contains spoilers for 'The Passage season 1 finale: "Stay in the Light" /  "Last Lesson."

When it came to Fox's 'The Passage', in an era of binge-worthy series, the show based on Justin Cronin's hit trilogy of the same name stood apart as a fun lazy watch with its paced out action and simplistic storytelling. All of that went for a toss when it came time for the debut season's big finale though, and things just got even better! In that, the action picks up and so does the death toll, as our protagonist Amy Bellafonte (Saniyya Sidney) meanders through the havoc that has been unleashed by the virals, but soon we are allowed a sneak peek into the 'future' as she sees it, and boy - it's ugly!



First things first: the two-hour long finale starts off with a bit of a fairly placed drama as we are transported to the year 2116, where a bow and arrow wielding Amy is hunting down virals and has made her way to the last outpost of the remaining humans. It is there that her voiceover booms in, and her words uttered are addressed to Brad Wolgast (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) as is evident. She tells him how it has been too long that she's heard his voice but she isn't ready to believe he's dead, because she would have known it otherwise. So what exactly happened?

Zoom back into the present, and the premise of the episode is pretty much apocalyptic: with the virals now on the loose, Amy, Brad, and Lila (Emmanuelle Chriqui) make a run for their lives, trying to flee the grounds of Project NOAH (the trial whose subjects ended up turning into 'viral' vampires after being injected with a bat virus), but of course things don't go down smoothly. Back in the present, we start off with Carter (McKinley Belcher III) having bitten Lila. As Brad struggles to get the vaccine for his estranged wife, and makes way for Dr. Sykes (Caroline Chikezie) we find out that Shauna Babcock (Brianne Howey) - one of the said virals - has already gotten to Sykes and tried manipulating her with telepathic abilities to convince her that she is in fact not harmful.



The fun part about witnessing this scene is knowing that something, not all that wonderful is just waiting to jump out from the corner because the build-up is that great. And within the next few minutes, we find out what this feeling of foreboding is about,  as we witness the potential death of one of the strongest women on the show - Dr. Sykes. We say potential death because the last we see of Dr. Sykes is right before the crash induced by a protocol which Carter and Dr. Fanning (Jamie McShane) manipulate Amy into setting off. The only piece of closure we are offered for the loss is that right before the crash, Dr. Sykes and her husband, Clark Richards (Vincent Piazza) exchange 'I love yous through the walkie talkie they were carrying and that's all.

The next big thing arrives when Brad has finally been able to procure the vaccine and restore Lila back to health, but Amy's condition is not all that sorted. She comes teasingly close to another face off with Dr. Fanning but surprisingly lets go. Why? Purely because Fanning and Amy get another one of those shared telepathic visions from the future, where Amy is the one helping Fanning. It is interesting that their interaction was so passive aggressive, instead of the full throttle showdown we had expected between the two of them. And sadly enough, there weren't any action scenes between Babcock or Amy either.



But worry not, because there's clearly more of Babcock to come as the latter part of the finale - which dealt with flash-forwards to the state of things a month later - shows her having found asylum among her kind. Surprisingly, Richards has also given in to her and accepted immortality by taking the bite, we believe. And that is most likely too, but what wasn't likely at all was their current relationship where Richards just gets bodies for Babcock to feed on, and they constantly fight miserably and also make out in shady bar stalls. 

Around that same time, Brad, Amy, and Lila try to enjoy being a family of three for as long as they can, at a cabin in Joseph, Ore. But soon Lila announces she wants to travel with a Doctors Without Borders-sort of team to get to the CDC in Atlanta, and Brad and Amy have to reluctantly bid her farewell. Speaking of CDC, Jonas Lear (Henry Ian Cusick) and Lacey manage to make it to the Global Health Federation, where they find out that the CDC no longer exists and other nations are breaking allies with the US over its current state with the viral war booming. But Lear promises to keep fighting, unwilling to let Dr. Fanning win this war that was all his fault, to begin with.



And speaking of Dr. Fanning, the old, veiny, accidentally turned viral arrives to grace the screen once again, and is pretty much the catalyst in Amy's future shaping up the way it did. In a bid to mock Amy, he warns her how she cannot deny her viral instincts no matter how hard she tries, because she too got injected like the other test subjects. But Amy breaks out of his hold saying she will never kill a human even if it comes to that - a theory that is tested soon after when an infected neighbor bites Brad. Amy does the unimaginable and that, mingled with Dr Fanning's warning consumes her with guilt and all the poor girl does is leave a note behind for Brad that said 'I'm sorry.' That's the last we see of Amy, and beyond that point, as we have is her copy of 'A Wrinkle in Time' - where she leaves the note for Brad.

As sad as all of this seems, there are certain questions we are left with at the end of the finale, which could also raise the possibility of a second season coming. For starters, the virals stationed near Babcock - especially she, herself - look fresh and sated, and something tells us there's more to be explored on that front. She looks glamorous in fact so maybe fresh air and all that blood supply really work for the virals better than captivity at Project NOAH did. Also, we don't know what exactly happens to Dr. Sykes, and more importantly - where does Brad's story go from here? Does he go on the mission to seek out Amy? How does Amy master all the skills to kill virals? What happens in the end? Does she find Brad? Too many questions and too little patience for a supposed second run!