'The Passage' Season 1 finale preview: Amy has seen the future and it's not a pretty sight

'The Passage' Season 1 finale preview: Amy has seen the future and it's not a pretty sight

Fox's highly acclaimed show 'The Passage' is just a couple of days shy from airing its two-hour long season finale mashing together episodes 9 and 10. But even though the show has been known to keep things light and breezy with steady character developments and intense plot arcs portrayed through simplistic storytelling, when it comes to teaser promos for the upcoming finale, they have definitely paced things up.

We see a distressed Amy Bellafonte announcing the future she saw in a vision, and it looks really, really bad. "When the only way to stop Fanning (Jamie McShane) and the virals’ escape from Project NOAH involves a dangerous explosion that could leave Brad (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), Sykes (Caroline Chikezie), and the cure for the virus caught in the crossfire, Amy (Saniyya Sidney) must be the one to decide what’s best for humanity," reveals the official synopsis for the first half of the finale, which is titled 'Stay in the Light'.

The second half of the season finale, titled 'Last Lesson' will show "The end is just the beginning as the consequences of all that transpired at Project NOAH are revealed and a key figure returns. In the midst of the chaos, Brad attempts to prepare Amy for an uncertain future, while surprising alliances form and a new world order begin to take shape." 

But that isn't the only sneak peek we have into the epic finale, as Fox also recently released a trailer. The video starts off with clips of a petrified Amy, followed by Sykes with a similar expression, as she points a gun at someone - presumably a viral - since they were let loose in the last episode. And sure enough, the very next shot is that of all the virals standing together - their pale, veiny faces holding the same menacing expression, while the danger builds up.

"They're coming for us," remarks Amy, in a voice that breaks at just the right places to send a chill down your spine if you've been as engrossed in the show as yours truly. And that is mostly because Amy Bellafonte is pretty much the Arya Stark of 'The Passage.' In that, she is just as calm, poised, daunting, and confident as the youngest Stark from HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' and to see her so unnerved and distressed means things have really gone code red. She still maintains her composure as she asks Fanning what he wants from her in the upcoming finale, and then comes Fanning's chilling roar as he bellows through the halls "We need you." Yep, surely that's for Amy.


Other striking Amy moments to expect from the finale are when Amy speaks about the future of the world after test subjects of Project NOAH - the vampire-like monsters - have wreaked havoc on the world around them. Raising alarm in the air, Amy warns them "I saw the future. It was bad."

This is significant because Amy herself is armed with telepathic powers and a supersonic scream she can let out to attack her opponents. So, for her, to announce things are really bad, only makes things even more dangerous for those around her because they are mere humans, without any special powers.

Trust Amy and Brad's relationship to still successfully lighten the mood, as in one particular scene we find her asking him how she looks, and like the golden father figure Brad has evolved to be, he answers, "Like a bada**." And it is this little bada** on whom humanity's fate now rests as she wages war against the planet. The two-hour-long season finale of 'The Passage' is set to air Monday, March 11, at 8:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT only on FOX.

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