'The Passage' season 1 episode 5: With Winston on the loose Amy might need some new plans

An unrepentant serial killer against a 10-year-old girl? Amy might have telepathic powers but is it enough to ward off the evil that is the bloodsucker Winston?

                            'The Passage' season 1 episode 5: With Winston on the loose Amy might need some new plans

This article contains spoilers for season 1 episode 5

So far, Fox's 'The Passage' has done an incredible job at bringing Justin Cronin's bestselling novel of the same name to the screen and in an era of mindboggling plots, the show stands apart in terms of both multiple genres coming together and also simplistic storytelling not convoluting the plot. But in this latest and fifth episode titled 'How You Gonna Outrun The Rest of The World?' the show takes unexpected twists and turns and quite unlike its usual nature, and one of those twists we didn't see coming was Winston's escape.

Played by Brett Gentile, Winston is your regular dumb redneck among The Twelve test subjects of Project Noah, who have been turned into superhuman monsters with bloodthirst and murderous instincts in an attempt to obtain a cure for all of humanity's ailments. These subjects were mostly orphans and death row inmates deemed disposable by the trial runners and Winston - even before he was accidentally turned into a vampire of sorts - was in prison for raping and murdering a woman. But all of Winston's heinous nature aside, the fact that he plays the puppet master in the recent episode is the twist that has left fans the most shocked and at ease.



The puppet master in question is, of course, Dr. Pet who has been the controller of sorts for these 'virals' or people infected with a rare virus obtained from a South American bat, that is also believed to be the origin of the vampire legend. So far we have seen how the authorities at Project Noah are planning on weaponizing these virals and all of it is being supervised by this one Dr. Pet. At the same time, the virals and their instincts cannot be tamed by mere humans as 'The Passage' had led us to believe so far, so if anything, this twist of Winston - being the shallow evil man he is - acting out, is a karmic relief to witness against Pet's selfish plans. 

It is more the execution of Winston's plans at acting out against Pet than anything else, which is bound to strike viewers because initially, he plays along the lines of the docile subject following orders. And once he finally turns around and pretty much bites Pet in the metaphorical ass, the entire scenario is extremely satisfying to watch. 



Let us set aside how quickly Pet goes from joking about the myth of cell phones giving you cancer to hatching a plot for vampire mind control. Still, here we are. And with the revelation that the Department of Defense wants to turn Amy, and the virals, into advanced weapons, Pet is more than willing to help. The fact that Winston was actually a sinister person before being turned only makes the prospect of his potentially dangerous nature scarier. While Dr. Tim Fanning (Jamie McShane) was such an ambitious fool, and Shauna Babcock (Brianne Howey) committed a murder triggered by years of abuse, Winston is a pure, cold-hearted serial killer - so him being turned into a monster could mean nothing other than harm for everybody around him.

The fact that even Fanning, who has believed himself to be the leader amongst The Twelve, can't exactly control Winston murdering Pet also raises the question about Amy Bellafonte's (Saniyya Sidney) safety considering she has been the only one unaffected by the virus' side effects. True, Amy developed the power of telepathy which she is using to the benefit of herself and those innocent around her, but at the end of the day, she is a 10-year-old girl. And now with Winston on the loose, heaven knows what's in store for 'the most important girl in the world.'




'The Passage' returns to Fox on Tuesday, February 17, at 8/9c.

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