'The Passage' episode 6 review: Winston takes the horror up a notch as Brad and Amy's bond is tested

This week there was a unique portrayal of Brad Wolgast and Amy Bellafonte's relationship, that was unexpected but still heartwarming.

                            'The Passage' episode 6 review: Winston takes the horror up a notch as Brad and Amy's bond is tested

This may contain spoilers for 'The Passage season 1 episode 6: I Want To Know What You Taste Like.'

Fox's 'The Passage' just embarked on the second half of the journey through its debut season, and so far - as a fan who has been invested in the show right from the get-go - there are no complaints! Its lucid pace and simplistic storytelling technique has become its biggest selling point. What the recent and sixth episode of 'The Passage' does is put two of the most tempting elements of the plot, in a new light. The aspects we are talking about is definitely the horror quotient of the series, and simultaneously, there's a unique portrayal of Brad Wolgast and Amy Bellafonte's relationship that was unexpected but still heartwarming.

We have seen the virals turned by Project NOAH in all their superhuman monstrous glory, with pale skin, and a network of deep blue and red veins sticking out their skin, but no amount of that sinister amber glow in their eyes could compare to the image of Winston (Brett Gentile) running out in the wild like a raging maniac out on a homicidal spree. If you thought  Dr. Daniel Pet's (Alain Uy) graphic murder scene where Winston attacked him was peak treat for the quintessential gore and horror fanatic, you're in for a surprise in this new episode. We come across the disturbing mutilated corpse of the 'puppet-master' who was hunted by one of his own puppets, and things take a darker turn as the said puppet, Winston, is seen inside a cabin in the wild, feeding off a woman, who also eventually turned.



Let's add to that Winston's viral kids and fellow viral Shauna Babcock (Brianne Howie) threatening Dr. Nichole Sykes (Caroline Chikezie) saying that they are living in a horror movie and none of them are going out alive, and voila - you have the perfect setting for a terrifying future. No amount of treating and trying to combat the weaponized virals still in captivity - with both bullets and lights - could change the fact that they have turned into a bigger threat to humanity than the project's pioneer's had anticipated, and it has started showing in abundance.

In all of this fear and chaos induced by power-hungry ambitious fools and their mistakes, the touching aspects of the episode turn out to be Wolgast (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Amy (Saniyya Sidney) once again. This episode showed a new side to their steadily progressing bond, testing it and depicting once again just why these two are the only remaining hopes for humanity's survival. We see Amy and Wolgast trapped in an elevator, and just like the guardian he has been all along, soon as she wakes up, he stops her from screaming lest it comes out like the one that repelled Winston. 



In a sudden turn of events, Clark Richards (Vincent Piazza) actually lends a helping hand to Amy and even suggests she and Wolgast seek refuge in a safe room. But what's even more surprising is how Amy just changes sides and the so far rationally sound child is suddenly swayed by Horace Guilder's obvious manipulation. After telling him upfront that he's a bad man, Amy doesn't hesitate to give in to his request of using her own telepathic powers to hunt down the escaped viral, Winston. In a way, it doesn't seem very likely of the Amy we have grown to love and adore so much, but then again, the only book she has to remember her mother by is in Guilder's possession, so it makes sense. 

However, Amy and Wolgast's relationship doesn't have to bear the brunt of her being used as a subtle weapon for long; even after lashing out “you’re not my father” at Wolgast, who was getting frustrated with her not listening to him doesn't seem to stand a chance against the internal sentiments of loss they both are suffering from. At the end of the episode, we see both Amy and Wolgast open up to each other, as the latter reveals to her that he lost a daughter and it all falls into place. 

'The Passage' returns to fox on Monday, February 25, at 9/8c.

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