First look at 'The Originals' second last episode: Are they really back?

The episode will follow Klaus, Elijah, and Hope as they go back to Mystic Falls where the entire drama of The Vampire Diaries had unfolded in the original series.

                            First look at 'The Originals' second last episode: Are they really back?
Charles Michael Davis and Steven Krueger in The Originals (Source : IMDB)

Your favorite TV vampires are heading back to Mystic Falls and if you abide by the logic of a picture speaking a thousand words, then waiting for them will be some surprises. And we are talking big ones! The upcoming episode of CW's 'The Originals' - scheduled to air on July 25 - will bring back fan favorite characters of Caroline (Candice King) and Alaric (Matt Davis) in the show's second to last episode ever. Paying them a little visit will be their friends from the past - and our beloved Originals - Klaus and Elijah, of course, which will make sense of the title of the episode, "The Tale of Two Wolves."

E! News shared the first photos of the episode that will follow Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) as they go back to Mystic Falls where the entire drama of 'The Vampire Diaries' had unfolded in the original series. The three are set to go back there for a variety of reasons and while they have a little meet and greet with both Caroline and Alaric, they also allow fans into a tour of the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. 

It's pretty obvious that sneak peeks into Legacies - the upcoming spinoff starring Russell and Davis which takes place at the school - could be obtained from this part of the episode. But if your thirst to know more about the episode is practically unquenchable, worry not. There are also photos offering a first look into what goes down!


Klaroline fans should brace themselves already because there's quite a presumably juicy chunk that has been teased by the photos, and could possibly serve your appetite. Well - look at that hand-holding. Is that reassurance of seeing each other again, or a final goodbye? A declaration of love? A desperate cry for help? The world will never know. that is until later in July.

Here's what else you can watch out for: a classic Klaus entrance with him leaning against the wall, legs crossed in his signature, suave posture. And of course - Alaric greeting him with a stoic expression where you can really tell exactly how thrilled he is at this sudden appearance. Further hint: Not at all.

'The Originals' airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW, and this is its fifth and final season, meaning fans should be ready with tissues to say some intense goodbyes.

Speaking about the tone of farewell, creator Julie Plec had told Variety: “If you are able to have the luxury and get the blessing to have a final season, everything changes. You really are shaping a story with a real beginning, middle and a true end. And that’s the most satisfying thing for the writers and hopefully the audience.”