Daniel Gillies aka Elijah looks back on a "wonderful story-line" that didn't make the cut on 'The Originals'

Daniel is of the opinion that even thought it was cut, it was "was one of the best written, best shot" story-lines on 'The Originals.'

                            Daniel Gillies aka Elijah looks back on a "wonderful story-line" that didn't make the cut on 'The Originals'
Daniel Gillies (Source : Getty Images)

The series finale of 'The Originals' is just around the corner and try as we might there is not much time between now and episode 13 of season 5, when the very last episode 'When the Saints Go Marching In' will air. There have been storylines and characters that gave us deeper insight into the lives of the first Vampire family – The Mikaelsons

We have loved them and we have loved to hate them, but there is one particular storyline that would have given a bit more clarity into Elijah's past, Meaww has learned. It was unfortunately cut and Daniel Gillies, the talented actor who brings Elijah to life on 'The Originals,' reminisces it still, seeing as it truly was a missed opportunity to make the audience fall further in love with the "most human" Mikaelson brother.  

Daniel tells Meaww, "There was a wonderful storyline that got removed in season 3 episode 12 - I want to say - where we visit Eijah's past. We actually shot it and then it was determined that it was it wasn't appropriate, because they thought it would disturb the beloved storyline between myself and Hayley. [portrayed by Phoebe Tonkin]." 

The story line, he says, had a "wonderful arc" which narrated the story of Elijah and Aaya [portrayed by Tracy Ifeachor]. "It showed how they met one another and this incredible history they had together, this romance they found through the acquisition of knowledge and this library where they met and there were beautiful details where you discovered an incredible amount about Elijah and what some of his pilgrimage to being who he is today was." 

Tragically, this "truly fascinating little arc" was thrown out and they decided to not go with it, despite the fact that it was "one of the best written, best shot" episodes of the show, according to Daniel.  

The actor, who believes that the fans return to most shows for the love of the characters rather than the story, believes that this decision was more "clinical and mathematical", that should not have been made in the first place. "I will always make the argument that character is the reason that people tune in week to week. They don't really care so much about story," says Daniel. 

He further adds, "They just want to feel a driving intension and desire from the characters they love to spend time with. That is what it is and unfortunately some times in television story archs rule, in an almost clinical, mathematical way, over spending time with characters, but it at best was disappointing to me and I think it was a mistake." 

However, those deleted scenes are part of the DVD sets and are available online as well. "I think they ended up on some of the DVD sets, and I have seen a couple of them online. It has a marvelous performance by an Australian actor called Oliver Ackland [who plays Tristan on the show]. He was magnificent. It was such an interesting and beautiful storyline that just didn't make it to the finish line." 

You can watch Daniel reprise the role of Elijah - who has just got back his memories - for four more episodes of 'The Originals' on Wednesdays at 9/8 c pm. Post that, the story of the Mikaelson family will continue with 'Legacies', a new 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Originals' spin-off, that will feature Hope Mikaelson as the protagonist.