‘The Morning Show’ Episode 7: Mia's monologue after she’s driven to frustration by colleagues blaming her, captures the crux of the show

‘The Morning Show’ Episode 7: Mia's monologue after she’s driven to frustration by colleagues blaming her, captures the crux of the show

'The Morning Show' in its seventh episode saw Mia Jordan (Karen Pittman) finally address a lot of speculation that surrounded her relationship with Mitch Kessler (Steve Carrell). We had earlier seen how it was Mia who had informed UBA network's HR about Mitch's behavior, but she had never intended on getting him fired from his position.

She said this when there was an investigation by the network to understand if any of them felt the network was complicit or if there would be backlash from the Ashley (Ahna O'Reilly) interview that was scheduled to be done by Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon).

There were also questions about the role Mia had possibly played in leaking Mitch's story to the New York Times. In this episode, when the producers Chip Black (Mark Duplass) and Mia discuss stories for the day, one of them pitches a climate change piece.

Mia, however, feels the piece is not strong enough and this leads to the producer who pitched the story - Nicky (David Magidoff) - commenting on how Mia's choices are always questionable. This leads to Chip firing Nicky, which ends up making things harder for Mia.

It frustrates her and tires her enough to get her to make a live announcement to everyone in the team of 'The Morning Show'. The scene is probably one of the best scenes in the show and portrayed how conflicted Mia is about her feelings for Mitch and her actions which put his career in jeopardy.

Did he deserve it? Definitely, but Mia is affected because she had an affair with him that involved feelings. Mia begins, "I am a scorned oversensitive woman, who screwed the lead anchor to help her career and got him fired when he didn't want to leave his wife. And now I am out for blood so everybody with a d**k better be careful because she hates d***s now."

She is completely frustrated at her coworkers gossiping about her. Even Nicky getting fired was Chip's decision and not Mia's, yet one of her colleagues, Bart, feels it is her fault. It is exactly this that got her to pick up a mic and put her feelings into words. 


A still of Mia Jordan. (Source: Apple TV+)

She continued, "D***s beware. Don't leave for the night without an escort because the vengeful, s****y, feminist b***h Mia Jordan is out there, somewhere," and added, "Okay, everyone. I got it. I am well aware of what everyone is saying about me and now apparently I have personally got Nicky fired, I leaked about Mitch to the Times too."

She says she might as well be the Zodiac killer considering how far from true the other allegations against her are. She says she is tired and she doesn't have the energy in her to deny everything people gossip about.

Before she puts down the mic, she says something very important, which in fact addresses the crux of the show. Which side of the #MeToo conversation one is on and how it affects them plays a role in the direction of their lives. 


She said, "We are all human, we all have regrets. No matter which side of the MeToo line you fall on, we are all just people who want to do our jobs. Do good work. So, that's what I am going to focus on. My work. Because I like to be known in this world for other than Mitch Kessler and I think I deserve that opportunity." 

The relief that Mia feels when Bradley comes after her and instead of asking questions just gives her support is what everyone really needs. A little bit of understanding about how conflicted one feels when someone they love is accused of what Mitch was accused of.

It is not about defending a predator or about enabling him, but more about considering the effect allegations such as the ones made against Mitch would have on people close to him. 

The next episode of 'The Morning Show' will air on December 6 on Apple TV+.


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