'The Morning Show' episode 4 tackles abortion laws and braves 'woke Twitter' in the wake of #MeToo row

First day on the job, Bradley Jackson singlehandedly manages to turn the early morning talk show political, much to the displeasure of her boss and the approval of liberals.

                            'The Morning Show' episode 4 tackles abortion laws and braves 'woke Twitter' in the wake of #MeToo row

This article contains spoilers for 'The Morning Show' episode 4.

Apple TV's 'The Morning Show' just aired its episode 4 titled 'That Woman' with Reese Witherspoon's Bradley Jackson taking up the tight spot as the titular 'woman' this episode focuses on. After going viral for her impassionate outburst at a coal protest, the West Virginia correspondent finds her life changing overnight as she goes on to become Alex Levy's co-host on TV's No. 1 early morning talk show.

But Bradley's somewhat explosive surprises on-air reach newer heights this episode as she singlehandedly manages to infuriate as well as appease the masses with her off-the-script commentary on how girls from imperfect childhoods can achieve big things too. This by extension allows 'The Morning Show' to become tackle the recent Abortion crusade and 'woke Twitter' too.

On Bradley's first morning as a co-host, the show re-introduces her to America with a picture-perfect back story. The show paints Bradley's dysfunctional mother in light of pride and contentment, orchestrating a whole facade of a glorious childhood where Bradley was apparently constantly flourishing and acing. Of course, this cardboard cut out facade doesn't sit with Bradley, and despite her senior and co-host Alex asking her not to overreact, Bradley feels the need to address American in her own, true way. 

Often blurring the line between being candid and oversharing, Bradley goes off on air talking about the number of times she was suspended for having alcohol on her and about the several mischiefs she got up to as a child. Sh*t finally hits the fan when Bradley, in her attempt at making a point, tells the entire nation that she even got an abortion at 15. Advertisers start pulling out of their slots from the UBA Network the moment Bradley utters those formidable words, but that is nothing compared to the social media storm that's brewing within seconds of her little stint.

While Bradley can't distinguish her own intent on whether what she did was just a casual albeit grave mess up on her first day, or just plain deliberate. She is stuck in a tug of war between conservatives and pro-life activists on social media who resort to petty memes on how Bradley's fetus didn't have a chance, and how she is 'canceled'. The liberals are of course all in solidarity, something that worries Bradley's bosses as they don't want to pull her off-air or cancel her upcoming interviews lest they infuriate 'woke Twitter' on accounts of patriarchy silencing a woman speaking her truth. What had been so far a show about the whirlwind #MeToo movement soon starts offering a narrative on Twitter crusades like the abortion ban and pretty much every discourse on today's political climate. 

'The Morning Show' airs news episodes on Fridays only on Apple TV.

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