'The Misery Index' returns for Season 2, can Jameela Jamil redeem the mistakes made in Season 1?

'The Misery Index' is coming back for another season but will the host and the concept of the show overcome the negative remarks that Season 1 brought with it?

                            'The Misery Index' returns for Season 2, can Jameela Jamil redeem the mistakes made in Season 1?

'The Misery Index' is coming back for another season featuring host Jameela Jamil along with 'The Tenderloins' including Joseph Gatto, James Murray, Brian Quinn and Salvatore Vulcano.

The first season of the show had left fans with mixed emotions as some people enjoyed hearing the embarrassing stories of people while others thought that the show was insensitive

While the theme of the show managed to disappoint many, it appeared as if Jamil was not doing so well on the show too. People were finding it hard to place someone like Jamil at the center of the show that would laugh on others' misery in a bid to earn money. 

When Jamil became a known name in the industry thanks to her hit show 'The Good Place', she voiced her opinion in support of many political moments while also taking the frontline for being the voice of reason for many.

However, fans did not seem too enthusiastic on hearing that Jamil would be stepping into a show such as 'The Misery Index'. 

To make matters worse, she was up against four brilliant minds who were known to make people laugh with their unique ideas about exploiting one another. 'The Tenderloins' managed to make a name for themselves when they starred in their show 'Impractical Jokers'.

The show's format consisted of four childhood friends thinking of embarrassing situations where they could put each other. When the concept of the show was announced, it seemed like these four pals were the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Unfortunately, they happened to be part of 'The Misery Index' by helping contestants while taking a backseat when it came to hosting the show. Despite this, they managed to make people laugh with their witty one-liners and unapologetic behavior.

On the other hand, people started questioning why Jamil was still on the show as the host. "The inexcusable, reprehensible, crude and offensive comments made by Jameela Jamil will stop me from being a viewer of 'The Misery Index' (and anything else that vulgar wretch is involved with). I ask you to address this situation and replace her as a host on the show," read one comment.

Another questioned, "You are the host on 'The Misery Index'? Guess I’m done watching that now.... what a joke you Hollywood ppl are. Idc how much I like the Jokers I will not watch your show which is probably hurt in for ratings as it is."

While a third wrote, "What's sad is that I used to like the Misery Index because I love @Joe_Gatto, @jamessmurray, @SalVulcano and @BQQuinn. Unfortunately, the outrageous, hyper-left statements by @jameelajamil have left a poor taste in my mouth. Sorry guys, you lost a viewer. Find a new host, please!" 

With 'The Misery Index' coming back for another season, the burning question is — can Jamil redeem herself and prove to people that she was the perfect choice for the show?

'The Misery Index' airs on May 14 at 10.30 pm ET on TBS.

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