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'The Menu': What does Chef Julian Slowik WHISPER to Tyler?

Although Chef Slowik's plan is going as he would have wanted it to be, it seems he is not happy with some guests
Ralph Fiennes, Nicholas Hoult, and Anya Taylor-Joy in a still from 'The Menu' (Searchlight Pictures)
Ralph Fiennes, Nicholas Hoult, and Anya Taylor-Joy in a still from 'The Menu' (Searchlight Pictures)

Spoilers for the movie 'The Menu'

Every once in a while a movie comes out that makes us feel absolutely flabbergasted and viewers can’t seem to get them out of their heads. One recent movie that has taken everyone by storm and continues to gather high praise from the viewers is none other than Mark Mylod’s ‘The Menu’. The movie starring Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Nicholas Hoult in pivotal roles features a unique where a celebrity chef named Julia Slowik (Fiennes) calls some of the biggest names from different industries on a remote island to try out his new menu. However, things go downhill when people get to know about the chef’s real plan and what he intends to do with the entire lot. But there’s one moment in which Chef Slowik says something to Tyler (Hoult) in his ear that prompts him to do something that no one ever expected.

Before moving ahead with the story, let’s take a look at what really is happening in ‘The Menu’. So, as soon as all the notable personalities reach the remote island, Chef Slowik finds out Margot (Taylor-Joy), who was not supposed at the feast, has reached the island with Tyler. His original date didn’t show up because she broke up with him. Now, Slowik feels a bit anxious because he didn’t want Margot to be a part of his plan and asks her why she has come here.


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Ralph Fiennes as Chef Slowik in 'The Menu' (Searchlight Pictures)
Ralph Fiennes as Chef Slowik in 'The Menu' (Searchlight Pictures)

As we move ahead, this food-tasting experience turns into a nightmare for the people as the Chef makes them know that “they are the Menu for today." Well, in simple words, everyone is going to die on the island and no one is going back. However, as the movie progresses, we get to know a chilling detail about Tyler that shocked everyone.

What does Chef Slowik tell Tyler in his ear?

In one scene, Chef Slowik talks to an enthusiastic Tyler and asks questions about the food. But soon we find out that Tyler knew what was going to happen during the evening and everyone was going to die. He was given the task to bring his date there so he could successfully accomplish his plan, but Tyler was unable to bring her “actual” date to the feast and ruined Chef’s plan. The chef humiliates Tyler in the kitchen and forces him to cook a meal, pressurising him to showcase his talent.

The chef tastes the dish and calls it “awfully bad”. He humiliates Tyler again and says that he doesn’t know how to cook. However, he doesn’t stop there and whispers something in his ears that prompts him to take his own life.

A still from 'The Menu' (Searchight Pictures)
A still from 'The Menu' (Searchlight Pictures)

At first, it’s really hard to understand what he told Tyler because it’s inaudible and even after multiple viewings, we found that he continued to belittle Tyler by telling him that “he is not fit for The Menu.” He also tells him that he put his entire plan into jeopardy by bringing in a “commoner” like Margot to the food tasting. The Chef concludes by letting him know that he can’t be a part of the last step of the meal.

As a result, we soon find out that Tyler went on to take his own life by hanging himself in the storeroom.

If you have seen the movie, you’ll realize why Taylor took the decision of taking his own life. He worships Slowik and wants to be like him but Tyler doesn’t have the flair to be a chef like him. So, as soon as he says that he can’t be part of the meal, Tyler believes that he doesn’t have anything to live for because his “master” has thrown him out of his (Slowik) kingdom.

We hope that this clears all the doubts that people had about what the Chef said in Tyler’s ears.

The cast also includes Hong Chau, Janet McTeer, John Leguizamo, Reed Birney, Judith Light, Paul Adelstein, Aimee Carrero, Arturo Castro, Rob Yang, and more.

‘The Menu’ is currently available for streaming on HBO Max.