'The Masked Singer': Kandi Burruss accused of rigging, fans say she should be 'put in jail' for stealing win

Fans claimed that she paid money to the network to win the show while others felt that the only reason she won the show was since 'The Masked Singer' badly wanted a female winner

                            'The Masked Singer': Kandi Burruss accused of rigging, fans say she should be 'put in jail' for stealing win

The recent season of 'The Masked Singer' drew to a close tonight (May 20) and Night Angel aka Kandi Burruss was announced the winner. Fans had been guessing 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' star's name as the masked celebrity for a very long time and today it was confirmed that it was indeed her under the mysterious mask. Although judges were very happy to see her win the show, audiences at home feel she "stole" the trophy and "should be jailed" for it. Here's a brief lowdown about what happened in the finale episode. 

The top three masked celebrities -- Turtle, Night Angel, and Frog --  reached the finale after defeating big names such as Chaka Khan, Jackie Evancho, and Barry Zito on the show. All of the masks came off, finally putting all speculations about their respective identities at rest. The Frog was the first contestant to be eliminated from the three and rapper Bow Wow was revealed to be under the mask shortly after. It was now between Night Angel and Turtle. The latter's performance on Lewis Capaldi's 'Before You Go' had managed to wow the studio audiences as well as managed to bring tears to judge Nicole Scherzinger's eyes. The Turtle was a favorite with the judges but he also managed to strike a connection with the audiences at home and a lot of them were rooting for him to win the show. Jesse McCartney was a popular guess for Turtle's identity and it proved to be true today after he revealed himself after losing to Night Angel (Burruss) in the finale. 

Jesse McCartney (Fox)

Now Burruss has been on TV for a long time now and is no stranger to reality shows courtesy her stint on 'Celebrity Big Brother' and the highly popular 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'. She's unarguably one of the most famous castmates on 'RHOA' and has always been in the news for her ugly feud with her castmate NeNe Leakes. However, even after her being around for a long time, her win didn't settle well with fans of 'The Masked Singer'. A fan took to Twitter to write, "I’m not so much disappointed that Kandi Burruss won as I am disappointed that Jesse McCartney didn’t. He was strong the entire season. She has a gorgeous voice but wasn’t a consistent contender. If only it had not been saying a million times that a woman needed to win..."

An angry fan who was not happy with Burruss lifting the trophy, tweeted, "Kandi Burruss should be put in jail for the way she just stole the Golden Mask. Unbelievable. #TheMaskedSinger." Another irate fan tweeted, "#TheMaskedSinger Kandi Burruss really? And she flips everyone off on national television after winning?! Most disrespectful win ever!!"

Some fans even thought that she paid money to the network to win the show and wrote, "Kandi Burruss’s PR team paid The Masked Singer a pretty penny didn’t they LMFAO." While some thought that the only reason she won the show was that 'The Masked Singer' badly wanted a female winner. What solidifies this claim of the show and the winner being "rigged" was that the judges at many different points this season kept saying that Kandi could win the show and it would make her the first female to lift the trophy. 

"F*** THE MASKED SINGER.....It's RIGGED. OF COURSE, THEY WANTED A FEMALE TO WIN when @JesseMcCartney was by FAR the BEST SINGER & DESERVED TO WIN. Kandi is talented but nowhere near Jesse McCartney's level. The Masked Singer was trying to get a female to win after the first two seasons of men winning, but goddamn it. Kandi was not better than Jesse. She was barely better than Bow Wow," wrote a fan. While another fan wrote, "Never watching The Masked Singer again. Jesse McCartney got robbed. Kandi was horrible all season. There’s a reason her singing career never went anywhere and it still won’t. I’m done. @MaskedSingerFOX should be ashamed of this season - weak AF..."

Before the finale episode went live, Burruss released her single with Todrick Hall titled 'Used to Love Me' earlier today.

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