'The Masked Singer': Tori Kelly sings 'Sleigh Rides' for Holiday episode, fans say 'stop using her for views'

The Seahorse mask aka Tori Kelly returned for the Holiday singalong episode on Wednesday's episode leaving fans angry who then asked the show to stop using her for views after robbing her of the golden mask trophy

                            'The Masked Singer': Tori Kelly sings 'Sleigh Rides' for Holiday episode, fans say 'stop using her for views'
Tori Kelly and Nick Cannon (FOX)

Tori Kelly graced 'The Masked Singer' Holiday singalong episode that aired on December 9. Fans got to see a lot of her on Wednesday's episode, including an encore performance of her previous performance of 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion. Later in the episode, she was also seen performing an original, titled 'Sleigh Rides', from her Christmas album that recently dropped. Dressed in gold and beige co-ords, she took to the stage looking absolutely stunning like she always does to croon and groove along to the festive song. She is an amazing singer, there's never been a doubt about that, however, this performance was extra special and there was an added spunk to her voice as well as her personality. 

Fans were very happy to see her perform on the stage but at the same time, they were fuming with rage. She was one of the top contestants on the show and many of them believed that her talent could help her bag the golden masked trophy. However, she was eliminated in the semifinal episode that aired last week. She was up for a smackdown against the Crocodile at the end of which the latter was the one advancing to the finale and the Seahorse was eliminated and unmasked and revealed as Tori Kelly. Everyone on the Top 6 lineup was great but fans felt that it was unfair that Tori had to go home, especially when she sang this well. 

The show received a lot of flak last week after Tori was eliminated and fans continued to bash it after she appeared on the Holiday episode. A lot of them felt that the show was trying to make up for angering her fans last week by robbing her of the win. "They gone stop using Tori Kelly for views after they robbed her #TheMaskedSinger," wrote a fan. "Yeah, Tori shouldn't have been eliminated!! Don't really think I thought much of it at the time, but WOW! #TheMaskedSinger," wrote another. "They really know they dropped the ball letting Tori go so they're having her perform pls #TheMaskedSinger #MaskedSinger," tweeted another. "Watching Tori Kelly belt out a Celine song tonight gets me mad all over again. She was robbed! #TheMaskedSinger #MaskedSinger #SeahorseMask #CelineDion," read another tweet.





'The Masked Singer' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on FOX. 

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