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'The Masked Singer': Is Tina Turner the Popcorn? Fans are convinced all clues point towards the iconic singer

A new set of clues were revealed about Popcorn on the episode and fans are sure that it's Tina Turner disguised as the snack on the show
(FOX/ Getty Images)
(FOX/ Getty Images)

'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Group A playoffs episode aired tonight (October 7). The dragon was eliminated from the group in the premiere episode of the season and the remaining masks: Popcorn, Giraffe, Snow Owls and the Sun are battling it out in the playoffs to secure a spot in the Group A finals squad. The Popcorn was the first to take to the stage and rendered an emotional rendition of Harry Styles' 'Falling'. As is regular with 'TMS', a new set of clues were revealed to help the judges and the audiences at home to guess the identity of the masked celebrity and all those clues were pointing towards the legendary singer Tina Turner and fans couldn't agree more. 

A new clue package video saw the masked celebrity saying, "When I was a tiny kernel, I suffered from a bizarre condition. I couldn't eat or sleep and I developed severe anxiety and I felt like I was in an emotional prison. Until I dug deep in my pop-core and found my voice." Other clues that were scattered across the video included a hair crimper, a Rubik's cube, a lighting bolt, multiple candles spelling out the number 16, and a rainbow flag on the wall. 

After her stirring performance, there was one more clue that was revealed about her. "The second rock from the sun may be far away, but it should bring you closer to me," the Popcorn said about herself. All of these clues have fans saying that they've got the identity of this celebrity on lock and it's Tina Turner. There was a Twitter trend that started right after the season premiere episode of the show. People assumed the worst about the singer's health but later found out that she was trending because fans of the show were making their guesses. That guess has become more concrete after the playoff episode and fans are sure that it's indeed Turner under the mask. 

"#maskedsinger popcorn is def Tina turner because her clue was the planet Venus and Venus Williams worse a dress inspired by Tina Turner. Also, Iike and Tina had a song called popcorn," wrote a fan. "The popcorn is Tina Turner, the curling iron Tin and the rubrics cube you have to turn it, Tina Turner. #TheMaskedSinger," wrote another. "#TheMaskedSinger the popcorn is Tina turner proud merry go round proud Mary that’s her song," wrote another. "I've never seen the masked singer before but I hear it playing on the TV in the other room and the popcorn is definitely Tina Turner," wrote another. 






'The Masked Singer' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on FOX.