'The Masked Singer': Seahorse, Sun, Crocodile, Jellyfish, Mushroom or Popcorn, which 3 celebs will go home?

Three masked celebrities will be unmasked on the semifinal episode of the show airing December 2

                            'The Masked Singer': Seahorse, Sun, Crocodile, Jellyfish, Mushroom or Popcorn, which 3 celebs will go home?
The Sun (FOX)

'The Masked Singer' has reached its semifinal stage. The group play-offs and quarterfinal episodes over the past nine weeks saw a number of masked celebrities being eliminated and what remains is the cream performers. Six masks: Popcorn, The Sun, Seahorse, Crocodile Jellyfish, and the Mushroom still remain strong in the competition. These are the best of the best, the ones who can not just sing their hearts out but also get the judges' panel grooving along with their performing skills. The remaining masks are a part of the show's "Super Six" that was decided after the judges: Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and Dr Ken Jeong and a group of pre-decided super fans that are watching the show from home cast their votes in favor of these performers, week after week. 

From the current lot: the Sun, Seahorse, and Mushroom are the ones that are the strongest. They've impressed the judges by uncovering a new layer to their voices with each performance on the show and the panel has concluded that they see one amongst these three picking up the trophy. This in no way means that the Crocodile, Jellyfish, and Popcorn are lagging behind. They too have managed to garner a huge fan following over the internet.

Each episode of 'The Masked Singer' ends with an eliminated performer who then leaves the show but not before revealing their true identity. The unmasking is one of the most thrilling elements of the show and fans of the show wait with bated breath to see if their guesses about the identities of these masked celebs turn out to be true. The semi-final episode airing on Dec 2 is going to be no different, just that the excitement level will be x3 considering the fact that not one or two but three celebrities will be unmasked during the episode, slashing the Super Six lineup into half. 

From each of these six performers' trajectory, it won't be a surprise if the Sun, Seahorse and Mushroom are the ones advancing to the final episode while the other three go home. Who goes and which masks make it to the finals, we will know for sure on the semifinals. 

'The Masked Singer' airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on FOX. 

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