'The Masked Singer': Night Angel kicks off semifinals with Lil Wayne's song, judges say she could win the show

'The Masked Singer': Night Angel kicks off semifinals with Lil Wayne's song, judges say she could win the show

'The Masked Singer' is back with its penultimate episode tonight (May 13). It’s down to the final four masked celebrities — Frog, Night Angel, Turtle and Rhino — competing for the golden mask trophy in the semifinals episode. 

The judges' panel comprising of Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke also had comedian Jay Pharoah come in as a guest judge. Together, they try to dive into new clues and guess the identity of the masked celebrities. One of the contestants will be going home tonight but not before they take off their masks and reveal their identity. One among the remaining three contestants will lift the winner's trophy next week. 

Bonus clue for Night Angel was football, bonus clue for Frog was hats, for the Turtle it was photo albums. They kicked off the episode with the song 'The Best' by Tina Turner. Later, the performances by the final four began and Night Angel was the first to take to the stage.

"It is absolutely divine I have made it so far. It feels like fate, being here. I lost someone very close to me years ago. Losing that person is a constant reminder that tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Tonight I am putting myself out of my comfort zone and with my guardian angel by my side, I know I can do anything," said Night Angel in the pre-taped clue package video that played before her performance.

She sang Lil Wayne's 'How to Love' and moved around the stage and also walked towards the judges' table to interact with them during her performance. 

"My mind is blown," exclaimed guest judge Pharoah. On being asked what would it mean for her to win, Night Angel stated: "Everything. It is tough to put into words. I am one step closer to my goal to represent the ladies and become the first woman to win the golden mask."

"You come out here with the amazing legendary woman that you are and I think you can win the show," Jenny McCarthy said after her performance. 

Night Angel took a step closer to the judges' panel so that they could take a closer look at her and make their guesses. 

Ken Jeong, as usual, took a bizarre guess for her identity. According to him, the Night Angel is the very pregnant Ciara and is "hiding her baby" under her outfit. Kandi Burruss's name came up too. 

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