'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Finale: Crocodile aka Nick Carter finishes last, fans say it's 'revenge for Seahorse'

The Crocodile was responsible for sending home the fan favorite Seahorse mask aka

                            'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Finale: Crocodile aka Nick Carter finishes last, fans say it's 'revenge for Seahorse'

The finale episode of 'The Masked Singer' aired after twelve long weeks since Season 4 first premiered. The two-hour episode on Wednesday night, December 16, began with a recap of all the clues about all the performers including the three finalists: the Sun, the Mushroom and the Crocodile. Then began the finale and it was time for the last masks standing to perform on 'TMS' stage for the last time for a chance to win the Golden Mask trophy.

The Crocodile was the first to perform on finale night and the second to be eliminated. He finished the competition in the third position and was revealed as Nick Carter, something that the audiences had been guessing from the word go. 

He was responsible for sending home the Seahorse mask aka Tori Kelly in the semi-final episode and after he finished last, fans shaded Nick saying this was revenge for Tori's undeserved elimination. "CROC GETTING THIRD WAS REVENGE FROM THE SEAHORSE AHAHAHAHAHAHAH #TheMaskedSinger," wrote a fan. "The screech of happiness that came out my mouth when Crocodile got 3rd that was pinned up since Serpent went home haha I shouldn't have held a grudge for weeks about this lmao #TheMaskedSinger," wrote another. "Crocodile 3rd place!! Honestly, he shouldn’t be in the finals anyway Seahorse should be there! But I’m shocked #TheMaskedSinger," wrote another. 







Here's a little about his finale performance. 

The crocodile kicked it off with a song "deeply personal" to him. He said that his family was dirt poor while he was growing up but his passion for music was bubbling and he mowed lawn after lawn to get his hands on the very first album. He crooned an emotional rendition of' Open Arms' by Journey and judges: Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and Ken Jeong or should we say Dr King Jeong after he strolled in, crown and all on the finale episode. 

 "That set the bar so high for the finale," said Robin after the Crocodile's final performance on the show. In honor of the last episode, each of the finalists was allowed to bring in a gift that they'd like to give to their favorite judge. The croc, as a thank you for all the kind words and belief that McCarthy showed in him, gifted her an angel. McCarthy loved how thoughtful it was and Nicole noted that he picked an angel that looked just like her to which the former joked that it was "plastic also". 

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