'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Finale: Mushroom revealed as Aloe Blacc but viewers fail to recognize the producer

'Who the heck is Aloe Blacc? I can’t keep up!,' wrote a fan failing to recognize the 'Wake Me Up' singer

                            'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Finale: Mushroom revealed as Aloe Blacc but viewers fail to recognize the producer

The Mushroom ended up as the first runner-up on the show. Finishing in second place, the singer behind the very beautiful Mushroom mask was revealed as Aloe Blacc. The singer-songwriter and record producer was unmasked in the episode. However, the show's fans still couldn't recognize him.

"Me trying to figure out who Aloe Blacc is #TheMaskedSinger #MushroomMask," wrote a fan of the show on Twitter failing to place the 'Wake Me Up' singer. "Who the heck is Aloe Black? I can’t keep up! #TheMaskedSinger," read another tweet. "Okay, you know what, I do know who Aloe Blacc is. I’m just not super familiar with him. But congrats on runner up! #MushroomMask #TheMaskedSinger," read another tweet. "Hmmm, I don't know who Aloe Blac is..#TheMaskedSinger," wrote another. 





Here's a little about his finale performance. The Mushroom had one last shot to impress the judges by putting out one last performance on 'The Masked Singer' stage, a display of his vocal range in a way that could help him bag the trophy, and he did not disappoint. It's for the very first time that he revealed a new side to himself, that of a doting father. For his last performance on the show, he chose to sing 'I Wish' by Stevie Wonder. He said this was his little shroom's favorite song. 

The Mushroom revealed that when he set out to appear on this show with this costume his inspiration was his daughter (Aloe Blacc was talking about his seven-year-old daughter Mandela). He said, "I try to emulate her mannerisms and she doesn't even know I am here." Lastly, he said he wanted to win 'The Masked Singer' for everyone who has "felt different". He once again iterated that he was singing his daughter's favorite song and that he couldn't wait to bring home the trophy. 

After a stellar performance that left everyone on the judges' panel letting loose and dance along to the upbeat number he was crooning, the Mushroom had one last gift to give. However, this was just for Nicole Scherzinger. He brought her some cookie dough ice cream, a sweet holiday treat for all the kind words she had for him the entire season. Scherzinger thanked him back saying she admires his philosophy, message and the great purpose for which he was on the show.

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