'The Masked Singer': What happened to Mickey Rourke? Actor goes rogue and takes off Gremlin mask before results

He said it was too hot and took his mask off before the lowest voted masked celebrity could be announced. A lot of fans thought wasn't sober after he pulled this stunt

                            'The Masked Singer': What happened to Mickey Rourke? Actor goes rogue and takes off Gremlin mask before results
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Group B performers: Crocodile, Baby Alien, Sea Horse, Whatchamacallit, Serpent, and Gremlin took to the 'Masked Singer' stage tonight. Surprisingly, all the performers from this bunch had the judges as well as the audiences tuned in from home excited. All six performers could definitely sing and even though Whatchamacallit did a rap song, there was a flow to the performance making it clear that it was a professional singer on the stage. At the end of all performances, one of them was going home and it would've been one of the most difficult eliminations but in a shocking turn of events, the Gremlin Mask chose to take it off before the lowest voted singer could be revealed.

The judges took some time guessing the identity of the Gremlin and he clearly didn't have the patience for it. He said it's too hot and I am taking it off and it was none other but actor and boxer Mickey Rourke under the mask. When asked what was the reason for his participation in the show, a frazzled Rourke said, "It's in the neighborhood." He self-unmasked himself meaning the rest of the group was safe and moving on to the Quarterfinals. 

A lot of fans watching from home were quite surprised by Rourke going rogue and unmasking himself before the results. A lot of them were of the opinion that unmasking himself was a very Rourke thing but some also noted that he might be high and not entirely sober while doing so. Here are a couple of reactions. "#TheMaskedSinger I can’t be the only one that thought he looked high AF when he took that mask off," wrote a fan. "I guess the time and trouble they got these people to come on didn’t matter or was that whole thing scripted for some unknown reason. Mickey Rourke was on something anyway. What a waste of time. Didn’t he know the suits are hot?" wrote another. "Mickey Rourke clearly came drunk tonight #TheMaskedSinger," read another tweet. "Feel like Mickey Rourke has been drunk his entire life! #TheMaskedSinger" wrote another fan. "Ummm I’m not sure this guy is completely sober rn #TheMaskedSinger," read another tweet. 











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