'The Lost Girls': 5 things you need to know about Lifetime thriller movie

'The Lost Girls': 5 things you need to know about Lifetime thriller movie
The official poster of 'The Lost Girls' (Lifetime)

If you love watching movies and spend your weekend binging on the new releases on the Lifetime channel, then get ready for some more entertainment. Lifetime is coming up with another thriller movie that will surely make your weekend more exciting and enjoyable. 

Lifetime's upcoming thriller movie titled 'The Lost Girls' follows a teenage girl who has just found her way to fight evil souls. She also tries to find a way to save more girls like her from her tormentors. Angie Morgan, a rebellious teen, acts out in the absence of her parents with her secret new boyfriend Mario. Unfortunately, Angie is unaware of the reality that Mario is a reluctant agent of a vast sex trafficking network, and he is forced to drag Angie into a horrifying world of rape and abuse. After learning about her disappearance, the police and her heartbroken parents search for her. On the other hand, Angie and other girls struggle to maintain hope and stay alive. If you like watching thriller movies, you can also add 'Girl in the Shed: Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez' and 'Line Sisters' to your watch list. If you are curious to know more about the upcoming Lifetime thriller movie, then continue reading.



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When will 'The Lost Girls' release, and where can you watch it?

'The Lost Girls' will air on March 26, 2022, at 8/7c. You can watch the upcoming movie on the Lifetime channel.


What is 'The Lost Girls' all about?

The official synopsis reads, "After escaping from a sex trafficking ring, one teenage girl struggles to reconnect with herself and her family. To rescue her helpless friends, she must confront her own fears and help lead the police to her traffickers–at all costs." 

Who stars in 'The Lost Girls'?

The thriller movie features Jane Widdop, Olivia d’Abo, Randall Batinkoff, Juliette Hanover, and Dylan Sprayberry.


Jane Widdop 

Jane Widdop is a child actor turned actress who is very famous for her roles in 'The Kicks', and 'Making Moves'. Widdop also had a major supporting role in the 2016 movie titled 'Jessica Darling's IT List'. She was born on April 23, 2002. Widdop will be seen in Lifetime channel's 'The Lost Girls'.


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Lifetime's thriller movie 'The Lost Girls' has been directed by Julia Verdin.




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