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'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 7: Did Haller save Trevor by losing one of the jurors?

Haller played a trick on Trevor and did something really dangerous, luckily, he did get out of that situation
Christopher Gorham as Trevor Elliott and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)
Christopher Gorham as Trevor Elliott and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 7

The trial has begun and it’s time for Mickey Haller to shine. ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ has been a slow burn, but it keeps you hooked and with good pacing of the episodes, viewers never feel bored. But now that the courtroom drama has been initiated, it only gets better from here. So, we knew how hard it will be for Mickey (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) to tell the jury that his client is innocent and that he would never go down without a fight.

However, things have started to affect Haller's loved ones as well. His daughter, Hayley (Krista Warner), got into a fight with another girl at a soccer game because everyone feels that her father is a bad man. Why? Just because he is representing Trevor Elliott (Christopher Gorham) who allegedly killed his wife, Lara, and her lover Jan Rilz. Fortunately, Lorna was there to handle the situation and she told Hayley how amazing her parents are.


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But things have started to get worse for Haller. Even though he had a good day in court and had good momentum, everything got destroyed with just one piece of information. In the previous episode, we got to know that one man was a planted juror and his real name is Glenn McSweeney. During the trial, he said that he was working at Lockheed, but it turns out, he doesn’t. Also, he has a police record.

Cisco provided the information to Haller and also told him about Trevor’s Russian investor. He has ties to Putin and every other big organization in the country. He’s a dangerous man and Haller wouldn't want to get on his wrong side. However, everything changes when the trial starts the next day. The jury members are not there and not even the judge.

Lamont Thompson as Judge Stanton in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)

Haller and the prosecution lawyer were called to the judge’s chambers and that’s when everything got complicated. Judge Stanton revealed that he received a note this morning that Juror number 7 is hiding his real identity and should be booted out of the jury. Stanton looks at Haller and asks if he knows everything. Haller feels offended and says that you can ask the prosecutor as well. TBH, no one knew who did that, but the reality is that juror number 7 didn’t come to the court. A new jury member will be chosen and Judge Stanton informs them that the trial will resume the next day.

Trevor is appalled with what has happened and feels that Haller is behind all of this. Haller tells Trevor to not talk to him like this, but Trevor is furious and says that Jerry was a good attorney, but Haller? He can’t say the same thing about him.

In the end, it was revealed that it was indeed Haller who did this because he wanted to save the case and he was eligible for doing that as his client told him about his crime.