'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 5: Mickey Haller plays his cards right as the trial begins

'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 5: Mickey Haller plays his cards right as the trial begins
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 5

So, the time has finally come when Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) will be representing Trevor Elliott in court. It has been a rough ride for him because Trevor hasn’t been easy to handle and doesn’t tell him the complete truth. But now that he is in court, he would be driving the case like he would want to. Actually, it’s not that simple because Trevor (Christopher Gorham) is trying to interfere in that as well.

Before the trial begins, it’s time to pick the jury. The jury will decide if Trevor is innocent or not and each side will get 10 challenges to eliminate people who they believe might not want their side to win the case due to their biased views. So, according to Mickey, they won’t get the chance to have a jury like they want to because the prosecution will also try to make the jury work for them as well. So, they would need to play their cards really carefully.


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One by one, the prosecution and the defense lawyer ask different questions to all the people present there and they eliminate them if they feel they are unfit to be on the jury. Mickey has a special friend in the court, that can read faces and tell who is bluffing, but the prosecution lawyer has a software that does the same thing. As they start eliminating the jury members, it gets really hard for both lawyers to have the ball in their court and they don’t want to waste their last challenge.


A still from 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)


Mickey suddenly messages 911 to his second wife Lorna, and as always, she comes inside the courtroom as his savior. She gives him a file and Mickey tells the judge that he needs a 10-minute-recess to sort out some personal thing. He and his client Trevor comes out and when he asks Mickey why he did that, Mickey says that he hopes his plan works out. TBH, it does work out. Mickey had purposely made a star on one of the jury members so that the prosecution feels that this jury member is their “star”. As soon as the proceedings begin, the prosecution eliminates the same jury member.

Everything was running smooth, but in the final moments, we see the judge calling both lawyers close to his chair. Something has happened and that might not be good for Mickey’s case. Mickey talks to Trevor and tells him if he was following one of the jury members in the parking lot? Trevor is shocked to learn that and says that he was walking to get his car and didn’t do that on purpose. Mickey gets a bit frustrated because now he would have to excuse jury member 10 due to all this.


A still from 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Episode 5 (Netflix)

So, the jury has been picked and it’s evenly poised as to who will win the case. Will Mickey be using his wit to charm the jury members? Or it will be hard for him to create an atmosphere that will suit him and his client? Let’s wait and watch.


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